Banc de Binary Review

The year 2009 witnessed the establishment of a multi-award winning and World Finance listed Company. The name of the company is Banc de Binary. This privately held investment firm came in the wake of a financial crisis to assist traders to maximize profits and manage risks in the most secure environment possible. Every trader in the industry knows that the company is a thought leader in the world of binary options trading. For your information, Banc de Binary is the first broker to be regulated. It has spread its roots and popularity to over 100 countries globally due to its unbeatable reputation.

Banc de Binary has brought together many years of financial experience and top-notch innovative technology for a rich online trading experience. As clients increase, they maintain the commitment to providing safest, simplest and most user-friendly trading experience. Whether you are small or big, novice or veteran, Banc de Binary treasures you as a partner. Their customer support and financial analysis are unparalleled in the industry.


Main page

Main page

Account Types

Banc de Binary provides different account options to accommodate the preferences and needs of their many traders. Whatever your background, economic level and experience, they have the right option for you. From their Bronze to Gold options, be sure to get full training and private tuition. Their higher-level accounts have even more great features to cater for the most elite traders. All their account options allow traders to choose from more than 190 tradable assets.

  • Bronze Account

Maybe you want to begin at a low rate as you climb the ladder, or you have just begun dipping your toes in the world of binary options. Banc de Binary’s Bronze account is suitable for you. The account option requires you to deposit a minimum deposit of $250. You receive daily financial research reports and market reviews. The broker also allows you to access webinars twice every month.


  • Silver Account

A person who has some experience in binary options trading and wants to explore more opportunities can sign up for the Silver Account. After depositing a minimum of $2,500, you are entitled to get market reviews and financial research per day, free webinars twice per month, event analysis, and trading alerts. The broker also welcomes you with a luxurious gift for being loyal to them. As if that is not enough, Banc de Binary gives traders at this level a direct line to their personal account managers for ten day and one-month trading signals from trading central.

  • Gold Account

As you upgrade your account to Gold level, Banc de Binary avails even more features and benefits than the preceding accounts to make you a pro in the industry. You need to deposit a minimum of $5000 to sign up for this package. It entitles you to a free direct line to your account manager 24/7, and trading signals from trading central for three months. Your account manager will provide you with a risk-free trade to ensure you maximize your profits. The broker also avails an analyst that will be there to walk you through a private introductory session. Furthermore, Gold Account comes with a plan that will make you smart when it comes to managing your money.

  • Premium Account

For those traders who are hardcore veterans in the industry and want to make as many profits as possible, Premium account is theirs. You need to deposit a minimum amount of $10,000 to join this account. It entitles you with risk-free trade from the account manager, free 24/7 trading alerts and event analysis, direct line to account manager, a private introductory session with an analyst, and a smart money management plan. Twice a month, you get access to analyst educational program. Other benefits that will come knocking on your way include expedited withdrawals, a luxury store gift, and first access to all option contracts.

  • Platinum Account

For traders who believe that the sky is their limit, we recommend this level to them. We found out that on top of what the Premium account has to offer, Platinum Account goes beyond and provides access to premium trade room. In the room, you can discuss binary options matters with other gurus and experts and learn from them. Banc de Binary also invites traders at this level to attend exclusive VIP events. Furthermore, they receive platform payouts of 2-3% higher.

As we have seen, Banc de Binary provides clients with different accounts based on the amount of deposit. Apart from the above levels, Banc de Binary has an exclusive group of accounts that is only available for those invited. We recommend that you sign up for an account that will suit your needs and make profits for you as you go up. Upgrading or downgrading from one account to another is as simple as 1-2-3.


Account Types

Account Types

Education Centre

Banc de Binary is among the leading binary options brokers that have invested in their efforts to educate the traders that come for their services. We give them two thumbs for their exclusive learning materials that range from webinars, videos, e-books, reviews, and many others.

  • Beginners’ Learning Materials

Their financial experts have invested their years of knowledge and experience to bring clients the ultimate guide to the financial world of trading binary options. If you are a novice, their Beginners Articles will introduce you to online Binary Options trading. The articles also cover almost every new terminology in the market to ensure you understand everything. They also teach you on how to become a disciplined trader, choose a broker, select assets, and control trades.

  • Understanding Binary Options Signals

If you have some experience, there are articles, videos and other materials on Binary Options Signals and Trading Strategies to help you acquire new ideas on maximizing your profits. They will walk you through live binary options signals, FOREX vs. binary options signals, signals for assets, and using signals to trade. If you desire serious profits in binary options, you need to invest your time in going through these materials. The broker has arranged them topically to help you have an easy readership.


  • Extras for the Geeks

The Banc de Binary experts have also compiled some articles under ‘Extras for the Geeks’ to give clients more insightful ideas to get even higher. Some of the things to check out in this section include a comparison of the EU and the Eurozone, the meaning of EURIBOR, the history of banknotes and many other topics. Traders that have begun making profits need extra reads to ensure they are all-round when it comes to financial market knowledge.

  • Hot Stocks articles

Banc de Binary also has comprehensive articles on Hot Stocks. They periodically bring topics on those stocks that have made headlines around the globe. We believe this is encouraging since they have assembled in one place news on stocks that have a high chance of bringing profits to the trader. You do not have to search the internet for you to choose the right stock that will garner in profits for you.

  • Tips on How to Trade

‘How to Trade’ is another section that has articles that give users deeper understanding of trading binary options. Great things and ideas are in store for you if you want to bring your trading experience to an entirely new level. For example, you will learn how to value stock, calculate volatility, use Beta numbers, invest in risk capital, use adaptive price zone, and trade the NFP.

  • Knowledge of market movements

A serious trader will want to know and understand the market movements and happenings to ensure he places informed trades on a broker platform. We realized that Banc de Binary is aware of this. Hence, they post articles on market events and movements that describe the movement of currencies, stocks, indices and other assets.

  • Performance of Online Currencies

If you desire to narrow your reading down to online currencies, they have a section for you. Their articles analyze different currencies that have made headlines across the globe. Some knowledge of the behavior of currencies is crucial to ensure you can predict their future value and make great profits.

  • Indices and Commodities

Indices and commodities are also other types of assets. As such, you will be doing yourself a favor if you gain some knowledge on popular indices and top commodities before trading them. Banc de Binary has done the homework of compiling the articles on these topics to ease your research. They have also covered many topics about their trading platform to ensure clients have a comfortable time using the platform.

  • Binary Trading strategies

If you desire to boost your chances of winning a trade, avoid intuitive decisions. Any professional trader will tell you that every trade needs the right strategy for it to be successful. Experts at Banc de Binary have thus compiled articles and videos to teach clients who desire to understand binary trading strategies. A client who makes proper use of the educational materials will be in a better position to use tactical strategies, choose the right assets, diversify his investments, access the value of stocks, and understand other techniques.



Video material for education

Video material for education

Market Analysis from experts

In choosing trades wisely, every trader needs to understand the market. Banc de Binary avails the ‘Trade of the Day,’ a daily analysis of the market situations. Every day, be sure to find something to read about the hottest financial topic in depth on their site.

The brain behind these analyzes belongs to none other than their Investment Analyst, Lauren Carmouche. She has vast experience in calculating volatility in exchange rates and forecasting share prices. Furthermore, her interest in foreign exchange markets and depth research in developing statistical models has put her in a great position of making professional analyses. Carmouche is also a Cysec advanced candidate and holds a postgraduate degree in Economics from an accredited institution. These and many other attributes about her make her analyzes be the best in the industry.

With the help of other industry experts at Banc de Binary, Carmouche posts useful market review videos and updates an economic calendar on the website. They also have great insights that help traders to make good use of market events and trends in predicting price actions and evaluating assets during technical analysis.

Our team found out that Banc de Binary invests many resources in analyzing the industry. Therefore, you do not have to use your valuable time and money to carry out the analysis on your own. They have just done the chewing for you. all you have to do is to swallow the analysis and digest for a profitable trade.


Market analysis videos

Market analysis videos


Trading Platform

Trading with Banc de Binary is stress-free since their platform is easy-to-use and responsive. They use SpotOption trading platform, the ever-popular platform in the industry due to its simplicity. Even the beginners can find it very easy to place trades on the platform. Its layout is simple and has all the features that are necessary for any trade. We found that the buttons were visible enough to ensure a trader does not miss anything or select a wrong choice when trading. All you need to do is click on the appropriate button and select your choice. If you want to customize the platform to suit your comfort, you can go ahead.

On the heading, row is the binary options from which you can select. They include pairs, long-term and sixty seconds. Beneath the options are the groups of the most commonly traded assets, which include stocks, commodities, indices, and currencies. All you need to do is select the option and asset you want to trade with to make a profit.

On the left-hand side below the categories of assets, you will select the specific asset that you want to trade with from a drop-down menu. The platform has a graph that shows the movement of the asset in the market to help you make a wise prediction of the direction of the asset’s price. You will then select the expiry period from a drop-down menu. After that, simply input the amount of trade in the blank box on your right. The right-hand side also shows the potential payouts from your trade, payout percentage, and time remaining before the trade expires. You will simply click CALL if you think that the price of the asset will go up upon the expiry time. If you think the price will go down, simply click PUT on the platform. These options buttons are conspicuous and large enough to ensure you do not miss-click your choice. Furthermore, unlike most platforms of competitors, Banc de Binary has added a ‘Strike Rate’ button that displays the price at which you can buy or sell the asset.

As we have seen, you can easily navigate through the platform by simply pointing and clicking on the choices that the simple menus offer. We realized the platform is informational, extremely well laid out and easy to read and understand. To say the least, its design is professional.

Trading Platform

Trading Platform

Secure and Safe Transactions

At Banc de Binary, they are aware that online security is a priority for every trader. They assured us that they went all lengths to safe-keep personal data and funds. Their site adopts encryption technologies to ensure there is top-notch privacy to clients’ details. Banc de Binary is among the companies that follow strict compliance procedures to combat fraudulent behaviors of any kind.

It has a compliance team that has many years of experience and knowledge. We believe that any suspicious activity on their website cannot escape the watchful eyes of their security system. Whether you want to deposit funds, place trade amounts or withdraw your money, you can rest assured that your trading experience will be safe and secure.

Banc de Binary holds several certificates that confirm its trustworthiness and client-centeredness. They have an EV SSL verification certificate that recognizes the trustworthiness of the site after rigorous vetting. World Check’s Thomson Reuters Accelus product that ensures their client due to diligence program is top-notch. Furthermore, Banc de Binary engages the services of PCI Security Standards Council to assist with compliance efforts and safeguard clients’ transactions’ security.

Depositing Process

Banc de Binary has a safe and secure system of ensuring clients’ money does not go to the wrong hands. After creating your account and depositing the amount, your trading account balance will reflect the amount after some minutes. In the case of any assistance, feel free to contact their customer support team via phone, email or live chat. They communicate all transactions using Secure Socket Layer technology. Thus, you do not have to worry about the safety of your money.

The deposit process is effortless. You simply log into your account and hit the ‘Deposit’ button on the top right of the screen. After choosing your preferred method of deposit, complete your financial details. They will send you your deposit confirmation and update the balance on the top right of the site.

We found out that Banc de Binary has a plethora of payment methods. They always want to give a chance to every trader to use their exemplary services. Thus, you may not have to switch from one method of depositing to another since you can find your preferred method on the site. As such, you save time and money.

  • Bank Wire Transfer

A client can deposit via the traditional Bank Wire transfer. It is the safest and quickest way of depositing amounts higher than $50,000. Their process is easy to understand and does not require many details. However, you may have to wait for up to 5 days before seeing the amount in your Banc de Binary account balance.

  • Credit Cards

A trader can also deposit via credit cards through a simp0le and quick process. Unlike the wire transfer method, be sure to see the amount in your trading account instantly. However, withdrawals may take 2-3 days to be processed, and the credit company can impose some withdrawal charges.

  • MoneyBookers

For those who prefer depositing and withdrawing via MoneyBookers, Banc de Binary has not left them behind. You can choose to use either a credit card or your Moneybookers account. If you are depositing less than $1,400, you do not have to open a Moneybookers account. However, if your deposit exceeds $1400, you must open and verify your Moneybookers account. Although the process of opening the account may force you to wait for up to 48 hours, we believe it is all about keeping security on top of the industry.

  • Third Party Credit Cards

Clients can also deposit using a third party credit card. You will have to select ‘Moneybookers’ when choosing your preferred option of payment. The process ensures that Banc de Binary does not share your information.

Withdrawing Funds

Banc de Binary extends its stringent security measures to the withdrawal process. Whether you want to withdraw small amounts or large ones, they will ensure you do not lose your hard-earned funds in the process. To top it all, the broker will not charge you to withdraw your funds.

  • Documents requirements

To ensure that you are the right person doing the withdrawals, Banc de Binary will request you to send them some crucial documents if it is the first-time withdrawal. They include color copies of your:

  1.  Identity Card, Passport, Driver License
  2. up to six months old Utility Bill or Bank Statement.

You will have to submit the documents via their document submission system or email address.

  • Withdrawal process

If you want to have your funds from the trading account, simply into it, hit the ‘withdrawal’ tab and enter the amount in the base currency. After completing your request and clicking the ‘Submit’ button, leave the rest to the broker. Expect a notification in your email once the withdrawal request processing is complete. Withdrawing uses the same methods of payments that we discussed earlier.

  • Withdrawal time and processing period

You may request to have your funds at any time of the week, whether on weekends, weekdays or holidays. The Banc de Binary’s Compliance Department will receive the request and begin processing it immediately. To ensure uppermost security, you must fully verify your account before placing the withdrawal request.

Of course, your trading account balance should have enough funds to cater for the withdrawal amount. It is worth noting that the broker only accepts clients to withdraw at least $50 per transaction. We found the amount to be reasonable and in line with most other competitors’ withdrawal amounts.

If you have opted to use credit/ debit card, the funds will be processed within 5 days, and take 2-3 working days to arrive at your bank or card.

For Bank Wire withdrawals, processing takes within 5 working days. After that, you will have to wait for an average of 5 working days before the amount lands to your account. As you can see, this process takes the longest period. However, we believe it is the safest means of withdrawing funds from your trading account.

For Skrill (MoneyBookers) withdrawals, processing takes within 5 working days. However, you should see the amount in your account within 60 minutes of the transfer being executed. Hence, in our view, we recommend this option for faster withdrawals.

Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar

Customer Support

We found out that Banc de Binary has one of the best customer support team in the industry. They avail various channels through which you can get an appropriate answer to your question.

If you have any question related to your account or account requirements, their account FAQ under the ‘Accounts’ button will satisfy your question. For banking and security matters, they have an FAQ section that provides answers that will bring comfort in conducting transactions. You can find another FAQ section in their Education Centre. The sections provide comprehensive and informative answers to more than 90% of questions that are frequent among clients.

In case you fail to find an answer from their FAQ sections, Banc de Binary has a ‘support’ button on the topmost left-hand side. A single click on the button will take you to a blank box where you can type your question. When we punched in a question in the box, we received an instant response without having to wait for the page to load. Their search engine will try its level best to bring you an answer that satisfies your query.

The page also has links to articles that will probably answer your question. Furthermore, it contains links to answers that concerns account, banking and security, binary options basics, and deposit methods. We realized that the answers are short and to the point without having to beat around the bush. In our view, every question has an answer right there on there on the website.

However, if you still need to talk with the customer support team, you are just a click away from them, since the Live Chat button is available for instant response and assistance. After posting the question, a representative will get back to you without any delay. You can also reach them via their email, phone contacts, and post office address.

The support team is among the most honest, professional and patient staffs in the world of binary options. They ensure that every question gets an answer as fast as possible. To the team, no query or issue is easy or hard. They take every situation with the uppermost attention that it deserves.

They support a variety of languages, which include English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese. In our view, Banc de Binary support team is at the top of the industry when it comes to a rich level of multilingualism. As we all know, a language barrier is one of the things that prevent people from trading binary options. Thus, a variety of popular languages allows people around the globe to access their exemplary services without stressing themselves over language barriers.


Mobile Application

The current world is awash with mobile technologies that make it simple to trade on the go. You do not have to stick behind your desktop for you to make a trade. Every broker should have realized this. Banc de Binary is among those technology-minded brokers that have made it easier for traders to access their accounts wherever and whenever they want.

Banc de Binary avails a versatile mobile app that comes with all the features that you require. The feature’s button are large enough to ensure even a big-fingered trader does not press the wrong button that could cause him to regret later. Whether you want to deposit money, make a trade, see trading history, withdraw funds or anything else, the app will work perfectly for you. You can easily download the app on your mobile phone and tablet that has an Android or iPhone operating system. It is a nice way for the broker to ensure traders find it easy to track their progress and trade without stress.

Banc de Binary Blog

Banc de Binary Blog

Maximum Payouts

Banc de Binary is a generous website that wants every trader to get a chance of pocketing a handsome profit. Since they value integrity, the winning trades will offer you great returns on investments. The truth of the matter is that they offer more than the normal fair payout in the industry. Under advantageous conditions, their payouts are between 60-91%, which are among the best in the industry.

Banc de Binary also mandates minimum and maximum investments. However, the investments have wide ranges that should satisfy big spending traders and the most conservative traders. If you are a hardcore that has enough guts to trade in very risky trades, you can pocket as high as $6000 in profits.


Our Final Thoughts

We highly recommend Banc de Binary as a broker of choice for every trader who wants to make serious profits. They have proved to be among the best brokers that have gained global recognition due to their trustworthiness, security measures and customer support at every stage of trades. Their education and market analysis materials are so rich in information that even the most novice trader in the industry will not find any problem when placing trades. They make sure traders deposit, trade and withdraw funds without imposing heavy requirements. If you want to bring your binary options trading to an entirely new level, Banc de Binary is there for you.

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