Bloombex Options Broker Review

Somewhere near the top of the list of the best brokers in binary options you will find Bloombex Options. The administrators of this brokerage have the experience and the professionalism to make it high in this list and keep it there. It is in the return on investment and the services that a brokerage offers traders in binary options that determines whether it is a good one or a great one. Bloombex gets very high ratings on all these points. This is a review of this broker where you will see what Bloombex Options is all about.

Bloombex Options has been around for some time, 2009 was the year they started trading to be exact. Since then, their growth has been a consistent and traders continue to benefit that this growth comes with. New and innovative products, high success rates in trading and a good customer support system are the main reasons why they are so respected.

Account opening at Bloombex Option

As is the trend these days, opening an account at Bloombex brokers is a quick and easy process. You will need to fill in your contact details in the information capture form. Here you will also select the currency that you will be trading with. What you should note here is that once you select a trading currency, you cannot change it later. After doing this, you will have created a trading account. It is that simple. There are no minimum deposits on opening the account. The deposit of at least $300 will be required when you are ready to trade. The deposit is the only money that Bloombex will ask of you at this stage. This is because the system is free to open an account in, and you will not be expected to pay any more for any future updates.

Global reach

Bloombex has a global reach extending to most countries in the world. It is unfortunate that the do not accept traders residing in the United States, Iran and Israel. It is a shame because Bloombex is one of the most experienced brokers in the binary options market today.


It is no secret that the payout is a key factor when you are looking at the attributes of a broker in binary options. Bloombex offers a good payout which can go as high as 85%. This rate, however you look at it, is a fine one and traders will make good earnings here. For losing trades, Bloombex gives back something at the rate of 10%; not a bad deal. With this kind of rate, this broker qualifies to be among the top in the field.

The trading platform

When you are looking at various brokers and how they conduct their business, you need to look at their trading platforms critically. This is because the trading platforms form the spine of the whole operation and may determine whether the broker is a serious outfit or not. Bloombex uses the SpotOptions trading software. This software is a popular one among both the top brokers and traders alike. One good thing about it is that its administrators do a fine job of constantly updating it which translates to a sustained improvement. It is also known for its versatility amongst the brokers who are mostly web-based.

Bloombex Main Page

Bloombex Main Page

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Trading options at Bloombex

There is more to a broker than the payout and the trading platform. There is also the aspect of the trading options. Here is what Bloombex has to offer.

  1. High/Low Options: This is the most common and the most identifiable option that identifies binary option trading. Here, you choose an expiry time and predict whether an asset’s value will rise or decline by the end of the expiry period.
  2. Long Term options: These options favor traders who are experienced and they can detect asset price trends over extended periods. These can go as long as 365 days.
  3. One Touch options: Here a trader predicts the level of a value, whether rising or declining that an assets price must hit within a defined period of time. These options tend to have a very high return on investment.
  4. Ladder trades: This is another of the options with the highest ROI as far as binary options trading is concerned. Here, different price levels of assets are determined and the price has to hit those levels within the expiry time for the trade to be successful.

Mimicking professional traders

With this trading platform, Bloombex allows you to have a look-see at how professional traders are doing their trades and you can mimic them too if you think that they are having better runs than you are. This is a great tool for traders who are new to the binary options marketplace. This is because they can use this as a learning experience. There is no better training like seeing what people who have been in the industry for years do what they do best and make a healthy profit while at it.

Trading assets

With Bloombex Options brokers, traders have such a wide choice of assets that it will be impossible not to find assets that they can trade with. The good thing with this is that you can always switch from one asset to another if you realize that an asset other than the one you are trading with is having a trend which you can turn to a winning streak for you. With nearly 120 assets, you will be spoilt for choice. These assets include the most profitable currency pairs, blue-chip stocks, commodities and indices.

Mobile App

Bloombex keeps in step with advancements in technology. With smart phones outdoing the PC on internet access in the last few years, it was a foregone conclusion that a mobile app was imminent. That has come to pass already. Today, you can access your binary options trading account from your iOS or Android smart phone or tablet. The app allows you to make trades wherever you are without having to rush back to your trusty PC to execute trades. Being web based is also an advantage as you do not have to download any software to your PC. Just as long as you have a compatible device and an internet signal, you will be more than ready to access your account make money from wherever you are.

Trade anywhere with mobile app

Trade anywhere with mobile app



Bloombex Options is a great broker for beginners. This is because there is a wide variety of training and learning resources that are available for members. This training is what has enabled most of their traders to become professional traders. You will find in Bloombex’s online library a wide range of eBooks, webinars, videos, trading manuals and more. As a trader here, you will always have a rich resource from which you can improve your trading experiences and maximize your profits in binary options trading.

One thing missing from this broker is a demo account. Such an account can come in handy for beginners who have no clue as to what happens in binary options trades. It could also function as a good testing ground for strategies and trading styles for more experienced traders. Hopefully, they will have one in future to make their training effort complete.

Islamic Faith Accounts

For traders who would like to venture into binary options and at the same time be on the right side of Islamic teaching, Bloombex Options maintains accounts that are Sharia compliant. This allows traders of the Muslim faith to make their trades; make profits and keep their religious convictions intact. Without this account, there are many Muslim traders who would skip this top broker to other who may not be as effective and professional but they have the Sharia compliant account.

Promotions and bonuses

For all binary options traders who choose to work with Bloombex Options brokers, there will be plenty of goodies to be dished out every now and then. One of their unique promotions is where a new trader is refunded all the losses he makes in his first week of trading with Bloombex Options brokers. This is the ‘Risk Free First Week’. Such refunds are up to the amount of the trader’s initial deposit. Another promotion involves the provision of free trading signals to traders who deposit $2,000 and above as an initial deposit, not a bad wayto start you off with your new broker.

Bonuses with this broker are also in plenty and as generous as they come. The best of all is the welcoming bonus that is pegged at 100% of your initial deposit. This allows you to maximize your profit while you are trading with this broker. The downside of such bonuses is that they come with tough conditions.


The quality of signals is what determines the accuracy rate of all the trades that you make. It is therefore the duty of the broker to generate winning signals all the time to allow you to make a good ROI. Any slacking with this and all the traders who were dependent on the broker’s signals will start making losses. Bloombex Options scores well here with winning rates of trades executed on the power of their signals hitting the 75% to 80% mark. This was determined from numerous trades made with signals from Bloombex Options.

Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar

Customer support

A helpful, swift and effective customer support system is one of the backbones of a good brokerage firm in the binary options marketplace. Bloombex Options has made great efforts to make their customer support just what their traders expect. Email, live chat and telephone are the channels that traders can use to get in touch with the support staff. Whether your language is English, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish German, French, Turkish or Russian, you will receive the help you need from Bloombex Options’ customer support system. While the client support is not round the clock, they have good hours as you can get help at any time between 06:30 and 22:00 GMT.

There is nothing special about Bloombex Options customer support because they use only ordinary channels through which to do it but the service reps themselves are outstanding at what they do. Investors have the ability to contact customer support by phone, e-mail and live chat. They also can answer questions in such languages as English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Dutch, Arabic and Turkish. The phone support has toll free access numbers from such countries as Australia, Russia, the Netherlands, Canada, the USA, Turkey, Germany, the United Kingdom and France. Support is available from 6:30 – 22:00 GMT. The support staff is helpful and professional in their interactions with their clients.

Pros of trading with Bloombex Options binary options broker

  1. Personal account manager: Every trader at Bloombex gets to have his own personal account manager. You will not need to go blindly into the binary options trades lest you fall in at the deep end. The account manager will lead you through the trades and give advice accordingly. You will not be alone.
  2. Safe and secure money transfer: With this broker, your money is in safe hands. All your transactions will be through debit and credit cards and other accepted money transfer methods for both making deposits and withdrawals from your account. Bloombex Options now have PayPal and Skrill added to their payment methods. These are some of the most commonly used online money transfer methods. Traders now have a wider pool of payment methods to manage their transactions with.
  3. Beginners are welcome: With all the training resources available at their online resource center, beginners will have an easier time easing themselves in to this trade.
  4. Daily limits: As a trader, you have a great degree of control over your account. You can set your daily limits on the amounts that you would like to trade and where trading will be stopped in case of a losing streak being experienced.


Bloombex Options is a respected broker who strives to make the experience of all the traders whose accounts they hold better and more profitable. Traders are set to find the training materials to be helpful as will be the customer support.

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