Binary Boom Review

Binary options trading have been around for some time. In fact, they have evolved from manual trading platforms to what we have now which are automated trades. This is a growth industry and we have new binary options robots coming up every now and then. One thing is clear though is that there are some bad boys in the market. These are the scammers who craft a fancy product to help you make money with binary options only to scam you off your whole investment. This is the reason why you should do your due diligence and make an informed decision when it comes to the automated binary option you will want to select as your investment vehicle.

Examining Binary Boom

This software promotes itself as a breath of fresh air in the binary options markets. The software operates by providing signals for binary trades that have expiry times of 60 seconds. Here the trader chooses the trade that seems most profitable and trades it as it is. Binary Boom advertises profitable trades that hit at least 82% all the time.

For somebody who has never tried binary options trading, and who is not familiar with the practice will think that an 82% accuracy is great. The uncomfortable truth is that it is impossible to hit such high accuracy levels, even for professionals with many years on the job. While it looks like acceptable practice with binary options robots these days to give unattainable results, it is prudent to take all these promises with a pinch of salt.

Landing on their website will introduce you to a video of a person who introduces himself as Denis Anker. He will tell you a familiar story if you have looked at a few binary robots; that you will be making huge amounts of money in no time. At least, he does not promise millions after just a few months of trading just two hours a day.

denis anker binary boom

Denis Anker is more likely a scammer than an investment expert

The software

The promotional video explains that the narrator has found a way to make correct predictions for 60 second trades. He says that his software is so sophisticated that it has detected that there times of the day when the values of certain assets follow a constant trend. He will give you these signals and you can work with them while renewing the trades according to the trend of that particular time.

The video brings numerous people all thanking Denis for developing the product that has changed their lives. This is a clever video. It does not bring people to say how they made millions within a short time of trading, but the ones who come all claim that the product changed their lives for the better.

Here are some of the features that you will find with this software:

  • One good thing about this software is that it is compatible with broker sites that most players find to be trustworthy. These include Option FM and Banc de Binary which are in the good books of many traders for years now. This is an indication that they want to be seen as serious players by making their site compatible with the best brokers. What is not clear is the total number of brokers who will find this software compatible to theirs. This is where scammers come in targeting the newbies and more experienced traders who are not comfortable where they are trading and would think of jumping ship.
  • With Binary Boom, you will have the opportunity to view the current trades from their website. You can also look at the software’s history of live trading. This is a good feature especially if you want to see how binary options trades move and also check at the profitability of a software. This feature has been kept secret by many binary robots who think that they would be exposing the operations of their software too much. Big problem here is, that I could not confirm if these signals are real or fake, meaning that there is possibility that you can not even use those.
  • Binary Boom is not 100% automated. Despite the reference of the software as a binary robot, not everything is automated. You, the trader will have some responsibilities as well; you have to personally do each trade. This is unlike other software where you just make your deposit and sit back. Here the software provides the signals and it is up to you to decide whether they are any good or not. This is not the right binary options robot for you if you were searching for a fully automated system
  • Binary Boom is another of the so called ‘free’ software. You will be able to download it for free on your computer. A good look at the website and the software can reveal that a good amount of work has been put in to make it what it is now. It then becomes suspicious that it is being offered for free. In such cases, there is usually a catch somewhere because they must get the money to maintain the software and update it from time to time.
  • Binary Boom has its fans because among other things, it provides lots of signals to traders. It will easily rank as one of the highest providers of trading signals in the market today. Each day you will have to sift through hundreds of signals and you decide yourself which one to trade and which ones to skip. The trouble here is that if you are not very conversant with binary options trading, you might skip good calls and trade losing ones.
  • The company boasts of at least 7,000 traders. This is unlike others that claim that they need a specific number and if you don’t sign up immediately, you will lose out big time. Whether this number is true is not something you can easily verify, but you can be sure that such figures are always tweaked to look good on paper for the gullible trader to swallow and sign up.
Binary boom review

Binary Boom have live trading signal feed on their website. But I was unable to confirm whether these signals are even real signals. So my recommendation is that you stay away of this software

The promises

Like most binary options robots that come ‘free’, Binary Boom is not left behind when it comes to making good promises. Whether they deliver on those promises is another story altogether. Here are some of the promises this software comes with:

  • Binary Boom promises an 80% rate on correct signals, or the signals that earn you a profit. That translates to 8 profitable trades in every ten you play. This is really good if true. The problem is that this is not true. If it were, there would be nobody losing money and quitting Binary Boom; the traders would stay there forever.
  • The site claims that on average, traders at Binary Boom make about $17,000 a week. This would translate to nearly $800,000 a year. There are very few traders who make this kind of money. Probably the brokers and affiliates of Binary Boom get to these numbers but not traders. The reality is that most traders will make a lot less than that, but the info must be sweetened to lure you in.
  • The trades you see on the websites are true and ongoing as the site claims. The problem with such claims is that traders have been lied to so many times by so many program developers that it is difficult to trust such figures these days.

Customer support

Binary Boom claims that it provides total and constant customer support. There are buttons for live chat and an online questions form. There are also telephone numbers and an email address to sort out customer queries. The report from traders is mixed. Some claim the support is satisfactory while you will find others who claim that the support is wanting. You as a potential trader will decide whether to go for traders who are really supportive or those who are supportive sometimes.

Red flags

Binary Boom software looks like the fresh air that is so badly needed in the binary options marketplace. Looks can be deceiving. There are a few things that will make you stop and think if this is the software you really need. Here are some of the red flags you will see:

  • The claims of traders making an average of $17,000 per week seems too good to be true. You should try to avoid making your decision to sign up for this reason alone. Such figures are bandied about to make the software seem more attractive to you than it really is.
  • The fact that it is not fully automated and you have to be involved in the setting of all your trades is discouraging to traders who are looking for fully automated trades. This is especially so with beginners who in this case will have to decide what trades to play and which ones to skip.
  • Binary Boom’s choice of 60 second trades as their only preferred trades will restrict you if you are the adventurous type who tries to try different things at different times. You will have to look for another robot if you need to make trades with expiries that are longer that 60 seconds.
  • This software does not look very friendly for beginners who are trying binary options for the first time. This is a disadvantage because as a beginner you will need good guidance for your first few weeks to avoid losing all your investments. There is scant information on training for new traders. Most of the videos are more on promoting the software than demos.
  • It is very difficult to post a negative comment on most reviewers’ websites. These are usually affiliates who earn money when traders register through their websites and they would rather keep negative comments hidden away lest they turn away ready business. What they do is block anything negative and allow only those comments that shower praises on Binary Boom.
  • There are complaints about the lack of ease in accessing your funds after you have trading for some time. Withdrawals should always be smooth and devoid of any delays for any reason. Once you start to hear of people experiencing some unwanted issues in transferring their profits or deposits, be careful.
binary boom results

I was able to confirm that Binary Boom uses actors in its testimonials. This is huge red flag and another reason for you to stay away from this software.


This software promises so much to be everything other binary robots are not. A good study of their program and website reveal that they have not made a good job of that promise. Other than sticking to the 60 second trades which would put off a good number of traders anyway, the program looks like a clone of many others promising so much and delivering little. Listening to the promotional videos, you will think you have finally gotten to the software you have always been searching for. Dig deeper and you will find nothing much beyond the ordinary that you can find elsewhere.

What you need to do

To make a good trade, you need a binary robot that gives you consistently good results, one that is registered and licensed by trusted authorities and one that keeps its promises. This is what you will find with Binary Option Robot software. This platform keeps the client informed of what is going on in his/her account through updated information and excellent customer support which is live all round the clock and in different languages.

Binary Option Robot is compatible with only the trusted brokers, which makes it hard for rogue brokers to use the system for their unscrupulous activities. Your funds will always be safe as this software only uses trusted and secure money transfer methods for all their transactions with you namely: deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, all your personal information and online trading data is secure. You will not go wrong with Binary Option Robot.

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