Best Binary Option Brokers 2017

The number of binary options brokers has increased typically. Today there are over 400 brokers who are the larger number compared when the industry first started in 2008.

One regulatory body cannot manage to control foreign exchange and binary options industries because they are many firms. However, the constant increasing of traders and brokers has called the intervention of governments to create various organs that will mainly focus on protecting their online investors. This is made possible by the introduction of various watchdogs whose primary job is to oversee best performing brokers. Advancement in technology has helped in the creation of many companies that offer quality services to traders. Many binary options brokers support platforms that are user-friendly to trade in along with many attractive benefits.

Today, binary options traders cannot just jump into the industry using one company for some countries such as the USA have limitations that contain strict regulations that must be followed if a broker has to accept traders from that country. That being the case, traders from these countries must be well versed in their country regulations. Searching for information about the broker, reading their reviews and then visiting their website to trade can be tedious and very annoying when you end up getting that trader from your country are not allowed to trade options.

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Key factors to consider when selecting best binary options brokers

The overcrowding of binary options brokers has helped in causing more trouble in choosing the right companies. Deciding one the best binary options broker is a crucial decision any binary options investor can ever make. It is a good idea to select best and top firms if you want to get added advantages in this industry. To choose a top trading platform, many features need to be taken into consideration. The following are common and vital features that one should look for when determining the best broker to trade.

An agent with diverse Assets Base

One can quickly boost profit by trading with many currency pairs. A good broker or platform is the one that provides multiple assets along with currency pairs. Availability of many assets to trade on is a very vital aspect of a good company. Hence, it should be taken into consideration.

Types of binary options

Top binary options broker offer more binary options variants. The kind of choices provided by these companies includes one-touch options, options creator and short-term options which are vital in pulling many binary options traders to the platform.

Binary Options can provide you wealth

Binary Options can provide you wealth

Depositing options

Binary options brokers with a variety of choices of making deposits are easy to use and master. It is easy to get started with a broker that supports various type of depositing methods because you find it is readily available to all traders. A platform with secure deposit and cash-out options is ideal to all traders and many traders always prefer this platform.

Financial stability

Binary options brokers that are financial stable always maintain clean business standards. Well-established brokers are usually reliable especially if you can compare them with small firms.

Rate of profitability

The primary factor that differentiates binary options industry with others is profit hence traders have got all the reasons to choose binary options with high payout rates. Making most of your little investment is the dream or objective of every binary options trader. So it is wise to select a broker that has high payout ratios.

Cash out options- now this is the primary factor that binary options traders should consider a dealer with this feature. In most cases binary options brokers with prompt payment are often recommended.

The above feature is very standard for all top companies, so it is good for investors to check if the brokers they are using have got these features.

Best Binary Option Brokers of 2016

With the above comparative tips in mind, you are now ready to start you binary options career with the list of recommending binary options brokers who are doing well in the industry. This list contains only trusted, tested, regulated and most of all approved dealers to operated internationally. The task is to find a broker that is well suited in your area and get started. Once you have identified a broker sign up and start trading.

Binary Option Robot

Sometimes it’s hard to implement your strategies and make a success rate of over 80% but with binary options robot, you can reach this mark or exceed. Binary options robot is proven tools that can help one maximize his/her trading profit. Registering with this broker is very easy because you only need to provide basic information about yourself and email address. You also have to deposit the required amount so that you can get started.

With binary options robot, you don’t have to download, If is your first time you need to setup your account and you will be ready to go. The software doesn’t require a download or regular updates.

Binary options robot work with the aid of sophisticated algorithms for trading that combines a large amount of data from previous years in making correct predictions. Both novice and veteran traders can use this software without a problem. The deposit you are required to deposit before you start trading depends on the broker that you choose. Binary options robots have not set the maximum value.

Binary Option Robot is the best automated robot for trading

Binary Option Robot is the best automated robot for trading


The software gives high returns on investment. The amount of return you are going to get depends heavily on your investment, although the robot allows users to change risk level with various ranges like green to red. This color indicates the different level that a trader can take. As usual, high risks are associated with enormous profits. Binary options robot gives up to 85% returns on investment if used in the right way.

Binary options robots are free of charge; however you can decide to take VIP account. VIP account has many features than the simple account. All withdrawals for VIP members are processed within 48 hours after your first registration.

There are varieties of options you can use to contact the support team. You choose to call, live chat with them or contact through email. The best part of binary options robot support team is that you don’t have to wait. Once you contact them, they will respond promptly.

Binary options robots are better when you compared with other strategies and tools used in this industry since they guarantee high success rate and high returns on investment. With binary options robot, you can never get it wrong.

Binary Hedge Fund

A Hedge Fund binary is new automated trading software that uses similar applications as binary options robot. The software allows traders to make high returns without doing work or with doing less work. If you have doubts about this software, then you need to follow this review keenly

What is the exact meaning of binary Hedge Fund?

In your research, you might have come across this name. Hedge funds are money that needs returns irrespective of the changing economic situations. Hedge funds are used to invest in different classes of assets like commodities, shares and currencies. A significant portion of Hedge funds is used in various derivative tools that are used for risk management and also for making profits. The word Hedge fund means it is entirely different and independent from present market situations and even future changes.

Hedge Funds have a small bad reputation among common traders or citizens because they are often named whenever there is a recession or financial crisis. Despite these issues, Hedge funds are considered to be the number one options for richest men across the global. Successful traders who use hedge funds only take moderate risks so as to meet their goals requirements.

Binary Hedge Fund

Binary Hedge Fund

Reasons to invest in the Binary Hedge funds

Several individual have made fortunes within a limited period by using Hedge funds. Typically this is not the case because many investors here earn a small portion. An investor who uses Hedge funds needs to be remembering that daily results usual vary. Similar, the most trusted stock brokers can make profits on every investment. That being the case, hedge funds does not guarantee you profits on a daily basis.

Hedge fund software is free of charge. Hence, you will not lose anything by using the software. Registration is free, and withdrawal is as well free so you can join and leave whenever you feel.

The hedge fund does not require downloads because it operates in the same manner as binary options robot. In other words, you can still make money even when you are sleeping by setting it to auto trading mode. You can start using Hedge Fund directly from you browser.

The software works independently since it does not require intervention. That way, you can do other things that you consider more important while the software traders for you. With the hedge fund, you will have enough time with your loved ones; friends and family while the software doing hard work for you.

A hedge fund can only be used by trusted and most popularly binary options brokers. You do not have worry about your money when using this machine. Software that Hedge Fund supports are those proven and trusted by binary options brokers across the world. An example of recommended agents is; Banc de Binary, Bloombex Options, Options FM and Porter Finance are only a few examples.

Hedge Funds support almost all popularly and most trade assets. This way, a trader has a chance to make fortunes while trading options with this tool. With your little investment, you can start making cash as richest men around this world. The software operates for free so that any trader can have access to it.

Hedge funds signal

The software uses signals generated by expert brokers that industry has ever hard. Most of this signals used by Hedge Funds comes from predetermined trademarks and patterns associated with enormous profits. Signals help in deterring whether a particular trade will be profitable or not. People who are making good uses of signals generated by experts, they find it difficult to make huge losses when trading options.

Deposit and withdrawal

While this subject depends on the type of a broker you use, it is highly recommended you make a deposit of $500 to get more benefits you can start trading with as little as $200. Deposit and payment are made using a variety of options available. All standard and wide known methods are supported. Also, with Hedge fund you can use as many brokers you want without any problem.

Hedge fund promotion

Hedge fund gives all traders opportunity to open a VIP account for those traders who need a variety of options. One of the noted benefits of this account is that an investor can choose the level of risk he/she wants to trade on from the four levels available. The four levels are Low, Moderate, Medium, and High. Many features are under development hence soon they will be available. At this time, you are not charged to enter VIP plan, and you can easily get one by referring your friends using referral plan.


Today there are a lot of binary options brokers across the world. All of them pledge to deliver high results and profits, but they fail to fulfill that commitment due to low performance and winning ratio experienced. That being the case, it is vital to be keen when selecting binary options signal providers. Binary Hedge Fund provides high success rate and is among recommended tools that guarantee a trader over 80% winning ratio.

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IQ option

Are you are how IQ option make to my list of trusted brokers? IQ options deserve to be here. The broker is one of the most innovative firms we have around. IQ options use its platform which is simple and straightforward, thus, can be utilized by any trader irrespective of experience and skills. Over the short period, the company has been around; it has received positive reviews anywhere it operates. The broker delivers high success rate along with big payout. The registration process of IQ option is very straightforward. Hence, it should not take more than five minutes. The following are some of the features that make IQ options very crucial broker.

IQ Options is one of our favorite Brokers

IQ Option is one of our favorite brokers


Today they are many bonuses offered by IQ option. As you keep trading using this agent, it reaches a time you find then you have unlocked rewards that you never expected. Among the many bonuses you get by using this software include signup bonus that a trader gets immediately after deposit a certain amount. You get a bonus of 80% by just depositing $10 and a bonus of 100% by depositing $100 and above. These gifts associate with different terms, and that is why traders are encouraged to ready them careful.

Learning tools

IQ option is one of those brokers focused on providing quality materials to help investors learn binary options techniques. As I have already mentioned IQ options, the most innovative broker around it has various tools that can help new traders learn important techniques used in this industry. Examples of learning materials provided by IQ option include free webinars, tutorials, and hand eBook along with instructional videos.


You can get up to 70 assets to trade on while using IQ option. The broker has all most traded goods from prominent companies. In this broker, users can choose from stock, commodities, and currency pairs.

Trading platform

IQ option is of the few brokers who use their platform. The innovative nature of IQ option has made many people rate it highly. The platform is comfortable and can be used by new traders without experience in the industry. The platform has zoom and customize option that makes a unique platform to have been created in this industry.

Returns on investment

IQ options broker offers high returns rates of over 92%. As you have noticed IQ option is topping or is among top companies in all aspects used to determine prime brokers. If you can look around, very few brokers or even you cannot find brokers who offer this profit rate.

Banking system

With IQ option, you can deposit money into your trading account using any payment method suitable for you because IQ option supports all the main payment methods that we have across the world.

Customer service is everything when choosing a brokers and IQ option knows this fact. To satisfy traders, IQ options support one of the best customer supports in the industry. The ability to respond promptly makes it ideal to all traders.

It is easy to see why IQ options top in all categories and why it become popularly over a short duration. The innovative nature of the broker can’t help stop the dealer from winning various awards every year. If you want to make fortunes trading options, I honestly recommend IQ option.


Another amazing broker 24option broker has a variety of services that make a user feel appreciated and comfortable when using this broker. 24option broker uses a phenomenal platform in SpotOptions. SpotOption is one of easiest platforms that trader can use with easy. Also, an operator can use this broker from any smartphone which is pretty good. 24Option is one of the brokers I do recommend due to its transparency and quality of services along with other fantastic features listed below.

Maximum payout

The broker offers up to 89% profit. Investors who trade using option 60 seconds have made a profit of 70% which is great. The payout in this broker is expected to rise as new assets are introduced into the platform. The ability to make all payouts viewed on this trading platform.

24 Option

24 Option


24Option has a variety of assets a trader can trade. These assists include various currencies, commodities, Indices, and stock. All assets available in significant and promising alternatives in different trade categories

Deposit and withdrawals

The deposit interface of IQ option is very simple to master for new users of the software. In additions, the depositing system is very simple and safe; a trader can deposit his/her funds using various currencies like USD, GDP and JPY among others through the digital banking system. Safety is the main concern in binary options trading. A trader can use various payment methods supported by 24Options. The banking system of 24Options without any doubt is the best.

Customer support

If all the features I have mentioned about 24Option are not enough to confuse you to join, then you need to consider this feature. Today 24Option is the only broker with excellent customer support. These brokers support over 13 languages, and there are a variety of communication channels provided by this broker that you can reach them through. It’s hard to have a broker with live chat, but 24 Option has one, so you can call them, email or use their amazing live chat to ask any question which you will be answered within minutes.


All brokers that made in this list are regulated by major regulatory bodies across the global. 24option is governed by all regulatory bodies available in all nations where the brokers operate in.


24Option platform is easy to use and with their high returns, you can see why the broker is highly overrated. Many binary options robots use this broker hence compelling us to recommend it to everyone who wants to trade options.

Banc de Binary

Banc De Binary is the most decorated binary options broker. The broker is found in major nations and without any doubt is the best broker to have ever operated in the binary options industry. Banc de binary is a multi-award winner company which is called the reader of binary options industries or market if you wish. Banc de binary is the first broker to be regulated and it is available in over 80 countries. Also, banc de binary is the most reputed and respected binary options broker. The following features make this website superior.

Banc de Binary

Banc de Binary


If you are a trader, and you are looking for free money to trade with, then banc de binary is the better place for you. Traders receive up to 100% bonus on their initial investment depending on the amount you deposited. With this broker even without thinking of trading, you find you have doubled your money.


Banc de Binary offers more than the usual payout. To be called a reader means a lot and this feature make us agree that banc de binary is the reader. Traders get a profit that is not less than 65% to 92% that is hard to find in other brokers. Traders can invest as low as $1 and a maximum of $6000.

When other brokers are offering 70-80 assets banc de binary is providing 200 assets to trade. No wonder banc de binary is considered as the reader in the binary options market. Major assets traded in binary options are available along with commodities like coffee sugar and corn among other commodities that you cannot find in other brokers.

Banc de binary like 24otpins uses one of the most popular and ever present platforms in the industry in SpotOption trading platform. For many years, the company is known for its simplicity. The investors can navigate through the site with ease capitalizing on the simplicity of the menus and pointing for easy clicking.

Learning materials

Banc de binary allows new traders to access a variety of available educational resources. The broker has designed basic introductory courses to binary options along with several trading videos featuring different binary options experts. There are also free informative eBooks and written articles that make Banc de binary the reader in the industry.


The broker supports multiple deposit and withdrawal system. A trader cans withdrawal money using various currencies. Banc de binary supports withdrawals using Visa, MasterCard, iDEAL, Skrill, PayPal and wire transfer among other available methods.

Customer services

You can reach banc de binary support team through various channels. You can decide to chat live, email or even called them. In all of these channels, you can be answered using your local language since the broker supports multiple languages.

With these fantastic features of banc de binary, there is every reason to call it a reader in this industry. The agent reads while other follows from behind. To be honest, I am impressed on this broker runs, no other broker I can imagine can do that. At the moment, banc de binary is the real leader in the industry.


This list of top five binary options brokers contains only trusted agents that you can use without any problem. All these brokers are amazing, but performance and the winning rate are very crucial in this industry of riches. That being the case, I strongly recommend the use of binary options robots and Hedge Fund tools since they give better results and traders from America can use them. If you are looking for a simple tool and huge profit, use binary options robots and Hedge Funds.

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