Exchange Traders Review

Binary Options Trading as a viable means of making money online is continuously becoming more confusing for traders globally. The ever increasing popularity of making money from the internet has given rise to so many methods, systems, apps and so on. This is more pronounced in the Binary Options trading niche. It makes it very difficult for traders to sift out trading apps that are legitimate. Exchange Traders trading software is among the many options in the market that promise real time profits for users. Can the software fulfill all the promises made by its developers? This is a question that cannot be answered headlong. This article will analyze the software for you so you can arrive at an informed decision by yourself.

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Exchange Traders Review

Exchange Traders is a binary options trading software. It is run by the traders that gave the trading market both the MorningOwl and NightOwl signals. The software is totally focused on NADEX, the only options exchange brokerage that is regulated in the United States. This means that US citizens can legally trade on the platform.

The software, whose developers promised will capture medium and short-term shifts from several exchange assets, was launched in late December last year. Although the developers did not specify the expiry periods the software is targeting, they state the app’s recommended risk value at around $60 for every contract. They put the success rate of the software at an all time high of 90%. This means the software has a trade winning accuracy ratio of 9:1. One must show concern for this kind of claim. These are some of the concerns this article recommends that you look into before deciding whether to invest your time and money with Exchange Traders or not.

Exchange Traders’ Website

The look and feel of the app’s website brings about some questions that need to be answered. There is very little information about how the binary options robot functions. The website is just one homepage that mainly contains a video presentation. The clip shows a trading example in which the administrator wins one trade among some NADEX trade examples that carry 5 minute expiry periods. This is no guarantee or indicator that the administrator can win other trades whether for himself or users again.

One would have expected that for any binary trading software that makes many huge promises, there will be a record of several trades for visitors to analyze. This is not available anywhere on the website. It is expected that some sort of history of trades be made available to be verified since the site has been around since December and, has always made money for its users 9 out of every 10 times.

Instead of such feedbacks, the site only contains 3 testimonials from supposed members. These members who gave the testimonials are not known to us and they are not specific about what they have gained from using the software. One would have expected that their pictures would have been attached to their testimonies in the least. This is to give such testimonials a face and prove that they are real. Additionally, links could be put to the social media accounts of such users. This is to enable those in doubt to contact them and prove that they actually gave the posted testimonies.

Exhange Traders Main Page

Exhange Traders Main Page

How the Exchange Trader Works

The software is web based and fully automated. It means that it does everything like studying the markets for you thereby saving you time. It is intended to generate and execute trades on your behalf automatically. This, the developers say is possible because the software automatically generates the best winning market signals then executes the best trades possible. But is it possible to generate a 90% win rate with such a system? That is one of the many concerns in regards to how the system works.

  • Cost: Exchange Traders is very clear about how much its software costs. It costs $99 for the first month when you sign up and $149 for every month afterwards. This makes it an exception from most other platforms which come with the ‘free’ price tag. For this high cost, the available list of binary options you can trade on is very limited when compared to other similar software.


  • Brokers: After signing up and paying your initial monthly subscription fee, you then proceed to open an account with Exchange Traders’ recommended broker (NADEX). This is a great limitation when it comes to giving you options to choose from. Other binary trading platforms allow you to choose any broker you trust and fell comfortable with.


  • Auto Trading: It is expected that after signing up you begin to trade. But with Exchange Traders, it is the system that begins to automatically trade for you. Yours is just to sit down, watch and pray that you (or is it the system) get winners all through. This means you have no control whatsoever concerning how you want to trade.


  • Rate of Accuracy: A success rate of 90% has been claimed for the software. In layman terms, this means you are likely to lose just one out of every ten trades you place (or is it which the system places for you?). The presumption of a 9:1 ratio just seems very unrealistic. In fact, check around the web and you will find some investors already claiming to have lost money via the platform. All the software claims is the 90% win rate. It does not say anything about strategies employed or signals used to achieve such a magnificent feat. A 90% accuracy prediction stands mathematically abnormal. It is also abnormal to the scrutiny of even common sense thereby very hard to believe.


  • Trading Frequency: In options trading, speed is of vital importance. Trades change direction in seconds. The software’s execution programs generate signals that lack this advantage. The site makes no mention of any specific data feeds or co-location service platform for minimizing the various dormancy types which binary options trading markets are known for.


  • Applications That Provide for Liquidity: The software does not incorporate any applications for liquidity. Such applications enable traders to gain and make profits from tiny spreads whether they are entering or exiting selected trade positions.


  • Arbitrage Tools: Arbitrage tools assist traders in searching and finding incompetence in assets pricing. When they find such inefficiencies, the tools then assist them further by helping them look for ways to use such inefficiencies to their advantage. The Exchange Traders software has not even one of such tools featured on it.


  • Demo Account: There is no provision for a demo account anywhere on the app’s website. A demo account enables traders to practice all their losing moves and correct them using virtual money (or is this not necessary since you are not the one that will actually trade?). This lowers the potential for real life loses when they begin the ‘real thing’.

There are many issues of concern within the whole system of how the Exchange Traders app works. Setting up accounts with only brokers approved by Exchange Traders causes one of the greatest concerns. With those listed on the site not being all that familiar, how does one judge their capabilities and what they can do? This is why the decision raises further concerns.

Exchange Traders Testimonials

Exchange Traders Testimonials

Exchange Traders’ License

As no information is provided on its website regarding it, one is not sure whether the software is regulated or not. No mention is made of the regulatory body that monitors and controls its activities. It is not even mentioned whether the software has a license or not. Any Binary Options trading software that does not make such vital information available is most times not trusted. Traders most times assume such software to be operating not under the stipulated laws and rules that are meant to safeguard their interests.

If Exchange Traders has an operating license and is regulated by any regulatory body, then it should readily make that information available to traders. This will surely increase the trust they will have for the software as they will become sure that their interests are safeguarded to some certain levels.

Customer Service and Support

Exchange Traders’ customer service and support is another major cause for concern. The ‘paid reviewers’ that termed the software’s support options as ‘pretty reliable’ may be did not take a good look at the app’s website. If they had, they would have noticed that the contact form they claimed to be on the site is absent. What is on the site is at the bottom left hand corner. It says ‘email support’ quite alright. But the most disturbing aspect is that it gives a Gmail address.

With the level of professionalism that is needed to run a binary option trading software business, does a Gmail address portray a software service provider as a professional? One would have expected that such a professional will present a ‘’ email address. This can even cause some traders to begin looking at what platform the software’s website is hosted on.

Gmail is a service that is dedicated to all that want a free means of sending mails. This might not go well with a business that needs maximum security when sending messages that contain highly sensitive information. Information like trade signals that must be received as promptly and as exactly as they were sent.


Answering the question of whether the software can fulfill the promise made by its developers is not easy. Even though its website appears as legitimate as many others, it gives very little information in relation to the way the system’s robot functions. The app introduction video clip is the most notable content of the homepage.

As for the loss claims some traders have made around the internet, it could have resulted from any of many personal factors like inexperience and not the software. But Exchange Traders itself still has many issues of concern. It is profitable if it can deliver even close to its promised 90% accuracy level. But this is hardly possible even for common sense talk less of mathematical averages.

Although binary option trading is a lucrative way of making money online when approached with caution and enough information, many scam platforms have caused traders to lose substantial amounts of money. If traders can be informed, cautious and identify legitimate software, then they can truly accumulate realistic sums of money as profits from their investments.

There are many of such legitimate software around if you will take the time to evaluate options. Option Robot is one among many of such legitimate options. It is among the very few foremost providers of genuine and winning binary option trading signals. It has built a good reputation for itself over the years. Some of the features Option Robot has going for it comprise;

  • Transparency: You will love how the software has built and still maintains one of the highest transparency levels the industry has to offer. With a knowledgebase and FAQ section available on its site, you are presented with one of the biggest databases. A database that offers you all the information you will ever need to become the best trader you can be.


  • Risk Management: Option Robot controls and regulates investment risk levels through the various risk management systems it comprises. Martingale system, Fibonacci system and Classic system are few of the systems which the software uses to ensure the control and regulation of the level of risk contained in any investment tool.
  • Reputation: The Option Robot software has been mentioned by many real users that have actually tried and tested it. This has led to the software being nominated and winning some credible service awards over the course of time. One of such awards is that for the “Best Auto-Trading Software 2016”.

Finally, Option Robot is very modest in its claims. It does not hype any unreal sales pitch just to get traders to sign up to the platform. It does not post any false testimonials, feedback or rating on its website. It is a simple binary options trading software that delivers desired outcomes. It offers traders who use it the highest success levels when it comes to profits and genuine wealth accumulation.

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