Fast Cash Biz Review

Forex trading took a very new dimension when binary options began attracting the attention of experienced forex traders and beginners with an intensity that was unprecedented. This interest was because of the opportunities that binary options opened up for people. With the wide and increasing use of the internet, the growth of this trade is unstoppable. With new traders comes new software. Now that you have to trade on a certain platform, and it is your money that you will be entrusting to these programs, you need to check if the program you will be trading with is any good. Here you will see what one program known as Fast Cash Biz is all about.

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The software

Fast Cash Biz is a binary options robot that seeks to make it easier for traders to make money in this market. According to their website, it is capable of generating very accurate signals. It is a fairly new program considering that binary options trading began generating a buzz more than five years ago.

Madison Clark and David Graham are credited with the development of this software. It is claimed that this is the outcome of a long and comprehensive research and study of the binary options added to many years of forex trading. They came up with a formula that enables all those who use it to make lots of money by following their signals. The developers claim that this fantastic program they created has already generated for them more than $55 million within three short years. This gives you the potentiality of making money with this software, it they can make that kind of money in three years, a trader will still make lots of money with the same program even if you have made just a small deposit.

The signals

Clark and Graham say that their signals are superior to their competitors. Their basis of this claim they say, is that they are the outcome of a deep understanding of the forex markets and the analysis of these markets, current data, analyses of the main indicators and prevailing market conditions by experienced and professional staff at Fast Cash Biz.

The trader we have in this day and age does not have the time to sit and do all these analyses on a daily basis or hourly. Fast Cash Biz was created this type of trader. The robot and staff do all the work needed to generate the best signals and as a trader, all you need to do is make the trade.

The developers of this software have determined that most of the binary options traders prefer expiry periods that range from 1 minute to 1 hour, and these are the trades for which they provide their signals. It is with these signals that you will decide whether the trade is a Call or a Put.


With fast Cash Biz, you will have to register your account with the broker they instruct you to. This means that if you are shifting from another program where you had built a good professional relationship, you will have to stand him down, or operate two accounts where he continues to act for you in the old account while you register with the new one at Fast Cash Biz.

The introductory video

As you will notice from most of the latter day binary options software, most of the information you would seek to find is crammed into the introductory video. Fast Cash Biz is another of those platforms that seek to introduce themselves to you via video.

For a trader who has not registered and you want to seek more information than what is in the video, you will have to rely on reviews of those who have registered as the video is all you have to go with. It is in the video that you will meet the dapper couple of Madison Clark and David Graham. They will show you their lifestyle via the places where they choose to talk to you. You will discover that they are not your ordinary Mary and John in the street. The moment they claim that their system has made them over $55 million in the last three years you will see that they really deserve their jet-set lives. It is in a private jet that they will disclose how their program is the best thing you have ever come across and that you need to sign up to.

Here, they will proceed to allow other traders who have made thousands of dollars from Fast Cash Biz to give their testimonies. These guys will thank the couple for the opportunity of a lifetime that they allowed them to use to change their lives financially way beyond their wildest dreams. These testimonials are allegedly of beta traders. Isn’t this supposed to let you know how successful this program is now that it has been fine-tuned to a finished product?

fast cash biz

Fast Cash Biz is not a trustworthy app.

The benefits Fast Cash Biz you will enjoy as a trader

There is an avalanche of goodies that will come your way if you sign up to this software. Here are some of them:

  • The first main thing you are looking for is good profits from Fast Cash Biz. Their promises, if they are to be believed, will give you all that and more. You are assured of a success rate for your trades that will be between 80% and 90%. This means that only one or two out of every ten trades will become a loser. These are incredibly good odds and you will certainly make lots of money. If the $55 million in three years story is to be believed you are also on your way to being a millionaire within months.
  • With Fast Cash Biz, you are promised plenty of free trades daily. This is will invariably improve your overall performance as far as your profit making venture is concerned.
  • Another thing that this software assures is that it won’t fail in standards is the customer support. With live chat, telephone and email support, you will have someone to call on to if you get stuck somewhere as you trade.
  • You will get advanced training so that you become a better trader. This is especially so for the beginners. A $10 eBook will be provided so that you can equip yourself with the best information on Fast Cash Biz and anything that you would want to know about binary options trading.
  • Another assurance that you need to note from this software is that you will be trading comfortably as soon as you sign in. this will be for all traders; those with prior experience and traders new to binary options. The training offered to members will help with this too.

Negative vibes from Fast Cash Biz

There are some aspects of this software that do not seem right, or that they seem too far-fetched. Consider these aspects before you sign in:

  1. Is it possible that there is software that makes millionaires in months that the global trade and the business press has not picked on? It is not possible that you should have heard of this program from a media outlet other than from an affiliate site? Some great secrets like this are too enormous to hide.
  2. There is no information anywhere on how this magic software works or proof that there is a genuine algorithm supporting the signals. The introductory video or any other part in their website does not say how these millions are generated and the testimonials also seem like they are contrived.
  3. Are you looking for a fully automated binaries trading robot? Well, this is not one of them. They will provide you with all the signals but you will have to make all the trades yourself. What this implies is that there will be problems with newbies here. Also if you do not have the time to sit and do your trades, you will be disappointed.
  4. The introductory video talks of $250 as the minimum deposit you need to start making money on Fast Cash Biz. The moment you sign in and open your account, the broker will start convincing you that doubling your deposit is what will really make you good profits. If the said $250 cannot make you good profits, there is something not adding up here.
  5. This thing about being coerced to open an account with a specific broker that the platform recommends is not very clear. What you need is software that is compatible with reputable brokers who you can instruct to handle you trades. Who is this broker that you have to register with? What is his history as far as performance and integrity is concerned?
  6. The eBook being sold by this software is available for free in many other binary robots.


This is a new program. It has not lasted long enough in the binary options market to have had enough traders’ experiences that you can go by to determine their profit generating potential. The best thing you can do for yourself id to skip this program and register with one that has been around for years and it generates impressive profits for thousands of traders every day. This is the Binary Option Robot.

Binary Option Robot if fully licensed and regulated and it only operates with reputable brokers to ensure that your investment is in good hands.

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