Binary Hedge Fund Review

Binary Hedge Fund Software Review | As a professional trader with many years’ experience in binary options robot trading, I have come across very many trading platforms in this business. Some are good; some are poor and many more somewhere in between. The good thing about being a professional trader in binary options is that I can tell a good broker or trading platform from a pretender. With so many players in the industry, I have seen them all. What you need to know is that your trading experience in binary options is only as good as the systems and strategies that you are using. One of my favorite systems is the Binary Hedge Fund.

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binary hedge fund review

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What is Binary Hedge Fund and what is it all about?

My experience with Binary Hedge Fund is a good one. It is a binary options trading platform where you have the option of using the auto trader or the semi manual system. When you use the auto trader, the system will generate the signals for you, select the expiry period and execute the trades for you. This means that you do not need to be online all the time to be trading. The semi-manual system generates the signals for you and then you make the trades for yourself. I use both systems and I always get a good return on my investment.

binary hedge fund trading

binary hedge fund trading platform

What I like about Binary Hedge Fund

Have used Binary Hedge Fund for some time, there are many features about the platform that I find useful to me. These include:

  1. Great ROI: A trading platform or a broker who does not give me a good return on interest is not worth my time and effort. This is the reason I use this system. The returns are 80% which happens to be among the leading in the country. With an accuracy ratio at the same rate, I know that my investment is giving me a good return and that is the only reason why I trade with binary options.
  2. Advanced auto trading system: This system has an advanced trading system that I find to be professional, efficient and profitable. As a professional, I can recommend it to fellow professionals and also to beginners in this industry. Whenever I trade with Binary hedge Fund, I feel the seriousness with which trading takes place here.
  3. Signal Provision: one of the aspects of Binary Hedge Fund that find quite attractive is the fact that this system also has a dedicated section for generating signals. Whether I am trading with this system or any other, I use their signal provision system for my manual trading. It gives me peace of mind to know that the same signal providers are the same ones who will handle my auto trading account.
  4. Professional traders: As a professional trader, there is nothing I value more than the advices I get form a trader with my experience or more. Binary Hedge Fund engages professional traders to trade on my behalf. I also get the opportunity to mimic the trades of the most successful traders in their stable.
  5. East account opening and operation: Filling in your details and making your deposit which is set at a minimum of $200 is an easy and quick process. It took me less than a quarter of an hour to open my account, make my deposit and start trading.
  6. Automatic trading: For a professional like me, analyzing markets and indicators is part of my trading practices. Sometimes, you need to do more than just to sit there studying charts and signals. This is where I use the automatic trader. This system allows me to make more trades at the same time. It also makes sure that my trading does not stop even when I am offline. All I need to do is activate it and leave it alone to continue with trading. All I do is to look at my account to see how the profits are streaming in.
  7. Enhanced accessibility: These days, I do not use platforms that need me to download software to my PC. I only use web-based systems of which Binary Hedge Fund is one. When I am not at my computer, I use the Android app on my smart phone. You can also use the iOS app if that is your platform. This means that I can trade from wherever and whenever.
  8. The asset index: There are 18 highly profitable assets that I trade with on Binary hedge Fund. Though most traders in this platform trade with currency pairs, I also trade with commodities, stocks and indices as well. This diversification is of great use to me because it allows me to make multiple trades with the most profitable assets at any one time. It also allows me to switch assets any time I want.
  9. The VIP account: To make the best of all the great features that Binary hedge Fund has to offer, you need to try the VIP Account. Here you will get superior bonuses, professional advice, easy withdrawals and an account manager among other premium benefits.
  10. Safe and secure: Binary Hedge Fund is safe and secure to trade with. The money transfer methods, which include major debit and credit cards, wire transfers and other secure methods, give me peace of mind because I know my money will always be credited to my account and nowhere else.
  11. Customer service: Client support at Binary hedge Fund is among the best in the binary options business. Through email, live chat and telephone, assistance is available all round the clock. The staff manning the helpdesks is knowledgeable and helpful and any problems are sorted out in no time.

For a good ROI, user-friendly interface, great customer support and the best signals, I love using the Binary Hedge Fund platform. Profits are guaranteed and with the VIP account, the only thing I need is to focus on making more and more profits. The automated trader is a win with this system. Not only does it generate good profits for me, it also allows me to make extra trades with the manual system.

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Accessibility of Hedge Funds

Never before did traders have wide access to hedge funds since they were traditionally not open to the public. However, Binary Hedge Fund has changed the way of doing things since all traders can now access the funds to bring their trading to an entirely new level. You can rely on the software’s professional traders to trade on your behalf while you take a walk along the beach. They know how to implement workable strategies to ensure returns are extraordinary.

Binary Hedge Fund has employed the idea behind the regular hedge funds and revolutionized it to greater heights. Investors can enter riskier ventures while professionals manage their funds. In the case of red light, the professionals will halt the trade to ensure the funds do not go into wastes.

Professional and Easy-To-Use Auto Trading Software

Great software needs to portray excellent professionalism that ensures easy and reliable usage. A user-friendly website ensures clients get to where they want to go to on the website at a click of a button.

We give the experts at Binary Hedge Fund a thumb up for making sure their website is very user-friendly. Once you have landed on their homepage, you can go wherever you want just by clicking the suitable button on their dashboard. From the homepage, you can click the ‘open account’ button to register with the company software. If you have any query, the customer care team is just a click away once you have located the ‘Contact’ button at the top middle section of the homepage. Alternatively, you can easily access the ‘Chat’ button at the bottom right corner to have a live chat with the professional support team. You can also check your signals by clicking the ‘signals’ button.

Whatever you want on the web site, you do not have to go around asking since the features are readily available. The professionalism of the website made our team conclude that the experts have nothing to hide from the users. The Company believes in transparency and honest when it comes to trading binary options.

binary hedge fund software

Hedge Funds have not previously been open to public, but this all gonna change with binary hedge fund

Reputable and Trustworthy Broker Partners

Binary Hedge Fund has selected brokers that are among the most reputable ones in the industry. They include Banc De Binary, 24Option, and CherryTrade. All of them have proven records of trustworthiness and professionalism. Recently, both Banc De Binary and CherryTrade received an FBO Award 2015, for Best Broker and Best US Broker in 2015 respectively. The recognition of these brokers makes Binary Hedge Fund a genuine partner in trade. Unfortunately, the Binary Hedge Fund is not compatible with my favorite broker, IQ Option.

One thing that wowed us further is that the software allows clients to sign up with more than one broker simultaneously.  Traders have been waiting for a chance to use just one platform for all their trading needs. Binary Hedge Fund has finally provided a solution to this desire. It does not limit traders to just a few trading options. You can now select from the diverse strategies, trading options, and special offers.

The website has done a great job when it comes to collaborating with top-notch brokers in the industry. However, in our view, we think the number of brokers is very few. The software needs to add more reliable brokers to ensure traders get as much access as possible to various trading strategies and options. We believe the experts are in the process of making this come to pass since the Company is still gaining roots in the industry.

binary hedge fund brokers

No Need For Downloads

Most software needs downloads and constant updates to continue offering their services. In the end, the downloaded software may fail to work on your device. That means wastage of time and money. With Binary Hedge Fund, such stresses belong to the past.

The Company has introduced web applications that are compatible with appropriate devices. You can make use of your tablet, laptop or smartphone to access your account and do virtually anything with it- such as depositing, trading, withdrawing, contacting customer care.

Time is one single-most important factor when it comes to trading in binary options. Downloading and upgrading new software now and then eats into valuable time. Imagine logging into your account with an intention of checking your trading history, only to be greeted with a notification that wants you to upgrade to new version. Such irritation is what Binary Hedge Fund has eliminated to ensure its clients have a fast and stress-free trading experience.


Easy Signing Up

Registering and beginning to trade with Binary Hedge Fund is extremely easy. Unlike the many providers that are out there to con traders of their hard-earned money, the company does not charge anything to register an account.

A new user simply completes some information to register his or her account on the home page or the “Open Account” page. You will then deposit some minimum funds, which will immediately show up in the account. Through simple and quick steps, the software guides the user to choose his preferences and options. Binary Hedge Fund gives traders complete control over their trading since they can always adjust their options through simple steps. If you think that the Fund is not doing its work well, you have total freedom to reverse the trade. The reverse trading is just a click away from you.

We all want to trade with a provider immediately after confirming its worthiness. However, a website that takes a new trader through many and rigorous processes may make you give up along the way. You can easily opt for another provider who requires only a few necessary details about you before you commence trade with the platform. With Binary Hedge Fund, you are sure to hit the road making profits a few minutes after you have signed up with them.

Easy Banking

When choosing software that will help you to make profits in trading binary options, you need to consider its trustworthiness and reliability. Banking and depositing money is one area where you need to pay great attention. The banking needs to be secure to allow you make sure your money is doing work for you.

A great banking system also needs to provide a wide variety of payment methods to allow clients deposit and withdraw funds in their preferred methods. It will ensure you do not have to switch methods in a way that may lead to more expenses and stress.

Our team concluded that Binary Hedge Fund is hands down one of the best software that provides secure and easy banking system.

The minimum deposit amount is only $200. There are no any hidden charges when using Binary Hedge Fund in your depositing and trading activities. You can choose from diverse methods of payments to finance your account. For example, you can use Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, Skrill, PaySafeCard, AmEx, Sofort, BankLink, Ideal, P24, GiroPay Neteller and Bank Wire. You just have to ensure your preferred broker accepts the method of payment.

Professional Trading Experts

Binary Hedge Funds hires the best professionals that come from the top-layer of the industry. The company does not make mistakes in the selection process. The experts come with a high level of skills, experience and qualifications that are necessary to ensure auto trading in binary options is top of the game. As the professionals trade on behalf of the clients, they hold specific financial market knowledge and generate accurate binary signals that enable excellent trading process and high auto trading returns.

The clients can finally concentrate on their regular business and let the professional personnel do what they do best- trading on behalf of the clients. Again, Binary Hedge Fund has saved them their most valuable resource- time. As clients go about their usual business routine, the Binary Hedge experts are working to generate the signals for investing.

Most software promises but Binary Hedge Fund delivers. The professional experts consist of the best economists, successful investors and finance experts that have accumulated a lot of experience in binary options. The results and signals guarantee low risks trades and best investment opportunities to clients.

binary hedge fund signals

Some of the previous signals

100% Automatic And Independent Trading

As human beings, we tend to base our judgment on subjective perceptions. Also, even the most skilled professional trader may lack enough time to analyze the industry and wait for the perfect opportunity. In most cases, the results are biased and misleading. Binary Hedge Fund understands this. That is why they ensure the trading is 100% automatic and based on objective reasoning. The professional experts are there to generate excellent and true signals that ensure the software works optimally. The software thus carries out the execution of a trade in a way that will ensure an independent and automatic outcome.

High Velocity of Auto Trading

Since the process is automatic, clients can get results within no time. Unlike human beings and other software, Binary Hedge Fund can quickly monitor all the markets to give instant results. The professional experts generate signals on a continuous basis to ensure they do not miss an opportunity to invest in the most promising trades. Time is money. Binary Hedge Fund always sticks to this principle in all its dealings.

As much as the software ensures the auto trading is as fast as possible, it does not compromise with accuracy. They do not want to provide information that will mislead the users. Since the platform is 100% automatic, accurate results are possible.

Diversification of Trading

When it comes to the provision of a wide variety of assets and options, Binary Hedge Fund outshines most in the industry. Based on preferences of traders, the clients can access the many assets that the software provides. Among the most crucial assets, include EUR/GBP, EUR/AUD, EUR/JPY, EUR/USD, AUD/JPY, AUD/USD, AUD/GBP, GBP/JPY, GBP/EUR, and GBP/AUD.

Additionally, the software allows traders to trade different strategies simultaneously. The software also provides a rich diversity of trading features to allow the trader make decisions without any problems. Unlike most of the software out there, Binary Hedge allows users to modify the features at any time to suit their needs. The Company understands that when traders access a diverse pool of strategies and assets, they are in a better position to spread their trading risks and enhance security to their funds.

Great Features

It is hard to find an honest binary options software that gives features that will enable you explore great opportunities. Binary Hedge Fund has excellent features that ensure your trading experience is on top of the game. The features allow you to select the size of trade and the maximum loss that you are willing to make on daily basis.  The professional experts that manage the funds on behalf of traders generate signals that are excellent to allow informed investment decisions. You can always track the signals in the ‘Signals’ tab on the Binary Hedge Fund website. The signals are true and lead to an informed investment decision.

You can also use some features to manage and limit your daily trades/signals. Therefore, Binary Hedge platform is open to every trader who wants to trade in binary option at any level of trade. You do not have to deposit great amounts of money to do trading. If you advance your trading experience, the software allows you to choose the maturity of your portfolio and other specials.

binary hedge fund platform

Trading platform has many excellent features but it is still very easy to use

VIP Account

Binary Hedge Fund gives room to any trader who wants to go as far as he wishes in exploring new horizons in binary options. Their VIP account provides premium features that allow experienced and hardcore traders to add more dollars to their investment returns. These clients benefit from all premium trading plans and tools. If you are at this level, you can manage the expiry dates and risk levels. You can also choose your favorite professional trader that you want to trade on your behalf. Isn’t that amazing? The only limit is the sky once you sign up with this level.

Customer Service

Binary Hedge Fund provides one of the best customer support services in the industry.

If you have any problem or issue, you can always hit the “Contact” button that is easily located on the dashboard. You will land on a page where you simply fill in some basic information. After hitting the “Send message” button, the support team will get back to you via email as soon as possible.

Better still, simply locate the “Chat” button on your bottom left and fill the resultant blank spaces with appropriate information. After sending the information, an agent will soon come to your help. In case the support agents are too busy to attend to your query, you will have to leave your email and query for them to get back to you. However, it is rare for you to have to wait for the reply in your mailbox since the support team is always eager to help everyone on the spot.

The customer care team is supportive, understanding and patient in answering each query at hand. They use perfect language that shows professionalism. You can contact them at any time and day of the week. Whether yours is a technical problem, Deposit issue, VIP account query, basic question or signal question, the team is more than ready to give you a satisfactory solution without leaving any stone unturned. Many website keeps clients waiting for answers that may never come. However, Binary Hedge Fund has a team of dedicated clients that solve every issue at one session. They believe that no question is too easy or too difficult to answer. Each query receives the maximum attention it deserves.

Such observation made our team conclude that Binary Hedge Fund is the best software for traders since it ensures traders do not get stuck somewhere along the way.

However, our team was disappointed to find out that their website lacks one of the most crucial elements of customer support service- the FAQ section. Virtually every website has this section to provide answers to questions that are common among the traders. Nevertheless, the replies in the chat room made us conclude that the website does not need an FAQ section to address issues from users.


My Final Thoughts

Binary Hedge Fund is a great company for any serious trader that wants to see his or her trading experience move to an entirely new level. The software delivers what most company promise but fails to deliver. Their professional website ensures you do not have to spend much time trying to figure out a certain button to a particular page.

Since you do not have to download anything to ensure successful trading experience, the website ensures you do not waste any valuable time. Furthermore, their super- fast results make sure you do not wait for long before waiting for results to help you invest wisely. Everything from their banking system to their customer support makes the provider one of the leading binary options platforms in the industry. The website baffled us since it has managed to make great strides despite the fact that it is among the most recent binary options websites in the industry.

The experts are continuously developing the website to ensure it becomes a thought leader in the industry. As they gather new insights and experience from the usage of the website, they promise to provide services that are even more credible. We highly recommend the website to all traders at all level of their binary trading career.

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