MockingBird Method Review

2015 was a busy year for developers of binary options trading platforms. They came in thick and fast and by 2016, the figure had hit 400. So, as a trader, which one will you trust enough to hold your investments? Not an easy question to answer, but the review below will cast a light on one of the class of 2015, the MockingBird Method and then you can decide whether to give it another look or give it a pass.


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The MockingBird Method

This binary options trading system went live in 2015 and it is already making waves with its novel methods of trading binary options. Did the developers try to come up with unique trading methods because they are superior to what you know already or was it all to attract traders in this field which is becoming crowded by the day? Time will tell.

When two men decided that they had enough of the services of current binary options software, they decided to create their own. Being experienced traders, Stephen Wilson and Daniel Marland worked form the ground up as the story goes and they came up with their own system that made them a cool $1.3 in a little more than 2 years.

They made more money in those few months than they had made in a long while using other systems. This prompted them to make it a full trading platform and it went live to make it accessible to the traders like them who were disillusioned with the current outfits which were not as effective as they thought they should be. They were also intent on winning the beginners in binary options by offering them returns that would attract their lot. The problem is that it is not on a mass recruiting rally, they are looking for a small select group of traders and then when their preferred umber is met, the door to new traders will be shut for good. Hint: you should join them immediately lest the door is slammed in your face if you are late!

The MockingBird Method software

The true workings of the MockingBird Method are shrouded in secret and mystery. The claim is that the two developers found out a certain gap in binary options trading. They exploited this gap to make their $1.3 in less than three years. Why is the ‘gap’ being kept secret? The developers claim that it is simple yet so complex that thousands of traders and regulators have not found it yet. The secret is sealed between the two only. This is because if the governments where this software operates find out what that ‘gap’ is all about, they will shut it down immediately. Maybe they will find it in future. Before they do as the promoters claim, you had better open your account ASAP!

Mocking Bird Method Main

MockingBird Method Main Page


Trading with the MockingBird Method and how do you stand to benefit?

  1. Fabulous accuracy rates: This method is assuring any of the lucky traders that join them in time that they will be rewarded beyond their wildest dreams. This is because the accuracy rates that they hit average 91%. Not the highest promoted rates but they are up there with the best in the industry. If this is true, you will be making profits with nearly every trade. Not a bad deal at all, but it has to be proven first.
  2. No sharing or transfer: For the traders that are among the lucky chosen ones to be signed in, they will have their accounts for keeps. This implies that if you do not join in, that’s it. There will be no selling of the accounts to third parties. You will either be in or out till the end of time.
  3. Education and training: The MockingBird Method says that all traders who join in their system will have enough resources to let them have the best info, training and understanding of the binary options and most importantly, how to make consistent profits with their special system. While other programs tell you to dive right in and start making money, this one has a different approach in that they want you to be in the know even as you begin trading if you are a newbie.
  4. Transforming lives: Of what use will be a new trading program that does not change lives? The sales video is awash with traders giving glowing testimonials about how the MockingBird Method has transformed their lives beyond their imagination. Since joining this new trading software, they can afford stuff they only dreamt about previously. Homes, expensive cars, exotic holidays…name it.
  5. Customer support: A 24 hour help desk is open to all traders under the MockingBird Method umbrella. Beginners will have a helpline to ensure that their initial trades go smoothly while experienced traders will have support staff just a call, live chat or email away. Isn’t this great if they can hack it?
  6. Easy and secure withdrawals: With many traders registering disappointment with trading platforms’ reluctance or lethargy in releasing their profits for withdrawals, this system has promised to change all that. With all the complaints about issues with withdrawals flying around, it will be a welcome relief to traders.
  7. Multiple assets: The ‘gap’ that the developers found in binary options trading applies to all assets. This means that as a trader, you should not be afraid that your favorite assets may not be covered by this secret system.
  8. Choice of trading systems: With the MockingBird Method, you will have the luxury of choosing whether you will want to trade with the automated system or with the semi-manual one. Most beginners start out with the automated system while the old timers apply the semi-manual one or both. It is good to have this choice.
  9. Compatible with mobile devices: The MockingBird Method was developed at a time when internet access via mobile devices overtook access via the trusted PC. This made the developers to build their software to be compatible with tablets and smart phones. This enables you to seamlessly access your account across multiple devices. Talk of technological advancements.
Mocking Bird Method Slogan

MockingBird Method Slogan

Are there any misgivings about the MockingBird Method?

Yes there are. Despite coming across as a great platform to trade in, there are some issues that raise red flags. Some of such aspects are the following:

  • The winning rate: Looking at the 91% winning rate that MockingBird Method promises, a beginner in binary options will consider this a coup. Sadly it is not because it is a real struggle and probably a good dose of luck for an experienced trader to get an accuracy rate of 91%. For a beginner, this is almost impossible. This rate should not be your only reason for opening an account here; it is grossly embellished…and who wants to trade with a secret system that could be shut if found out?
  • System preferred brokers: A good binary option robot is confident of its operations. So confident that you will not be limited to brokers of the developers preference. You should be in apposition to choose your own broker and not coerced into registering your account with a broker you know nothing about.
  • Limited slots: The story is that the MockingBird Method is not for everyone. Not very true. This is because if you land on their website today, you will see that they are still looking for traders to join them. This means that that the so called few slots have never been filled if ever they were there in the first place. This is a marketing strategy referred to as false scarcity. You are convinced that a product is in really short supply and there are very many demanding it. You are pressured to buy it to beat non-existent crowds.
  • The glowing testimonials: Some of those testimonials in the sales video seem too good to be true. This system is just a few months old and it is already making millionaires? Not a chance! These testimonials are contrived. Like many developers are doing today, these people giving testimonials are probably actors paid to give their nice stories to unsuspecting traders.
  • The developers: The story in the video and elsewhere points to the fact that the developers are experienced traders in binary options. The thing is, they do not exist beyond the boundaries of the software. Who are they? To whom are they answerable? Can you trust them with your investment?


This is a new program, working overtime to lure traders into their fold. They promise quite a lot but there is no evidence available anywhere that they have delivered any of those promises. As a trader you are advised to hold your horses awhile and put your money where good results are guaranteed.

This place is the respected Binary Option Robot, one of the leading binary options robots in business today. They do not rely on ‘secret systems’ that can be shut down at any time. Rather, they employ sophisticated algorithms and professional traders to generate winning signals and execute winning trades. Thousands of traders have found a good place to invest their funds and they are reaping the benefits every day. This is the Binary Option Robot.


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