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This NextOption review has been particularly featured on our web page so as to warn solely all our customer with regards to this broker whom we believe is a scam. As you know, we have continued to do all we are able to protect the privacy of our users and our own personnel from such scams. We are going to continue to track this issue and also add more NextOption reviews with most suitable warnings. All traders must know about this NextOption scam as well as ignore the broker. We have included a photo in this review of unrequested e-mail from nextoption.

One thing we have noted also is that it must be that these types of scam brokers are purchasing stolen data source, be it of active or inactive accounts. NextOption rip-off goes beyond this case since it can easily destroy the good reputation of the rest of the binary options market sector and undo most of what ourselves and similar sites have been battling for in the last couple of years – a transparent and fair treatment of all binary options forex traders.

If initial impressions are what counts whenever shaping an opinion with regards to a broker, then Nextoption would get high on the majority of accounts. Even though it has not re-invented the wheel, this brokerage seems to be faring quite satisfactorily on most aspects that make up the offering of a retail binary options fx broker.

More specifically, Nextoption alleges it provides both beginner and advance level forex traders the chance to further their experience on all the things trading using its educational academy which includes many ebooks and interactive videos. Moreover, it promises forex traders of every level of experience and skill access to exceptional account manager facilities and also one-on-one trading.

In terms of the returns offered the broker company gives figures that will blind you to think it actually ranks at par with industry standards.  NextOption also alleges that it performs well in terms of the trading types as well as a range of tradable assets available. Further, it also promises to make accessible a variety of risk management and trading tools that enhance the trading encounter both on its web-based and on its committed mobile trading platform.

As an unregulated forex broker, Nextoption is capable of accepting binary options traders from just about every country in the world. The only exceptions being U.S. Forex traders from UK Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Russia, Brazil as well as all other countries are welcomed.


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About NextOption Brokers

Nextoption Is an investment company established in 2004. It had unveiled its binary brand in 2011. Nextoption offices are said to be located in Belize and also the UK, but we can’t be sure. From the look of things, you would be convinced that they are funded well. In fact, we have been told that Nextoption is actually in the final stages of regulation at present. However, we also found out that this information is not new as in 2015 they also said they were about to join the regulation body. Since its establishment, Nextoption has gathered a loyal following of Forex traders from around the world. The internet based platform is alleged to be extremely capable, but we are convinced these loyal customers exists largely due to Nextoption’s focus on education and desire to entice its forex traders on their alleged best practices and strategies in Options trading.

In fact, we strongly advise brand new forex traders to exercise full caution before deciding to join this scam broker and buying their idea of the so-called highly knowledgeable team of account managers, and their bogus ‘Trading Academy.’ Having its website accessible in English, French, Chinese, Arabic, German and Japanese, the broker aims at an undoubtedly global and international potential client base, even though this is in some way offset by the point that it only has a UK based phone for customers to get in touch with the company through.

next option main page

next option main page

Being an unregulated forex broker, NextOption lacks significantly in terms of transparency which in turn leads to a respective lack of client trust and also confidence. It is not entirely clear who operates the company or where it is situated, although a UK address is listed on the web page.

However, NextOption was placed on our blacklist, and so we encourage forex traders to avoid them and prefer other trusted brokers, principally because we have seen strong evidence of them having involved in soliciting clients through frosty calling and spam e-mails. The major problem with this particular practice is the fact that it indicates that the individuals at this brokerage have in one way or another gotten hold of the private information of people who had by no means contacted them, heard about them or showed in any form or manner that they were interested in trading using them. This is a grave offense as it breaches many rules on data protection and confidentiality issues. Consequently, we believe that such strategies should be uncovered and punished since they destroy not just the reputation of the particular broker but also of the rest of the binary options sector as well.

Trading Platform & Features

Nextoption is an established participant in the binary options software program sector, which ordinarily ought to provide a peace of mind as far as credibility, is accounted. The platform alleges that it provides you with a seamless trading encounter and that it is based 100% online. Traders don’t have to download or even install the platform, on your web browser and start off trading, in real time, within just seconds.

Traders that prefer to trade via mobile phones are also catered for with the Nextoption iOS and Android apps. As opposed to some trading programs, in which traders don’t really have full access or command over the trading platform, Nextoption’s apps promises that it allows trading with similar assets plus trade instruments that are available on the web version.

Nextoption makes it possible for its traders to invest in the four key instruments. They are the “Range”, “Touch”, “Digital” and also “Turbo”. The negative aspect of this broker is that the range of assets being offered is limited. Nevertheless, the most desired currency pairs, and assets, for example, Apple, Google and Oil are available. Next option is supposed to be good for newer or less-experienced forex traders, but we think you should not use it since it is not quite dependable. Their platform is not really simple and intuitive as it is made to look like; you will still lose money. The idea that the minimal asset listing hints more at a ‘de-cluttering’ of less popular assets as against anything else is just meant to encourage you to join.

next options products

next options products

Free Trading Signals

It seems as if to be able to increase its customer base Nextoption has made cooperation with the Award winning “” Signals program, and is right now allegedly Providing Integrated top quality trading alerts integrated in their platform – for no extra cost for their customers.

Trading Accounts – Payouts & Bonuses

Nextoption offers returns of up to 86% when trading making use of the Digital as well as Turbo (Short Term Trading) instruments. The high produce payouts can go from 120% to as much as 240%. These are typically only possible via the Range and Touch options, which are to some extent a little riskier as compared to the standard options.

As you’d expect from a broker that has a focus on new traders as well as education, Nextoption provides a demo account to all traders. Essentially, the demo account has no risk and demonstrates what it will be like to trade over the internet. Gaining entry to the demo account hinges on the first deposit made, and so every new Nextoption customer that opens a certain value account is qualified to receive a demo account. In case, you’d like to claim your demo account, make sure that you speak with the

next option account types

next option account types

Nextoption’s customer support team when putting your initial deposit. As soon as you’re prepared to open a real-money broker account, you will be presented with four different account types to select from. This amount of choice may seem complicated at first, however when we spoke with a Nextoption help support representative, we were advised that our range of account variety essentially only is dependent upon two elements; (1) The time we’re willing to invest and (2) The gains we’re interested in generating. Make sure you see below for an overview of the three most popular Nextoption accounts: “Starter” – Depositing between $250 to $499 will protect you the ‘Starter account.’ This offers traders a 25% welcome bonus as well as entry to some of Nextoption’s learning resources, and an eBook plus 22 video tutorials.
“Advanced” – It is regarded as being the “Best Value” account model and is the account which looks good. The account requires you to put a deposit of between $1,000 to $4,999. Only then will you qualify for their 50% entry bonus, introduction period with a senior account manager, 15 to 30 every single day trading alerts, €10,000 demo account plus a number of other perks and benefits.
“Expert” – The Platinum account involves a deposit of between $10,000 to $24,000. The account benefits consist of a whopping 85% bonus, a strategy session and an introduction to an expert account manager, a Demo account of up to €25,000, private sessions with a senior analyst, access to three webinars on Market Liquidity, Trading Psychology, and Chart Analysis, along with a 1% extra payment on all trades.

N.B.: Bonuses returns ranges between 35-50 times the awarded bonus’ value. Bonus money and actual money are held separate. Therefore, forex traders can withdraw their profits at any time without having to lose their bonus.

High-Profit Managed accounts

For forex traders who are looking for high income managed accounts, Nextoption provides Professional maintained account for their customers. However, this can turn into a nightmare as you may end up losing you invested money.

Many Account Currency crosses

NextOption enables opening up an account by using many base currency crosses in order to cut on Conversion fees; they are at present permitting opening forex accounts in EUR, USD, AUD, GBP & RUB.

Assets Type

In terms of assets Variety it appears that although nextoption does not have the biggest assets portfolio it does however retains some distinctive assets on top of the normal traded assets Nextoption offers a lot of exotic indices, currencies, Commodities & Stocks which are hard to be received in any other place, like the Shanghai CSI 300, Palladium, Bitcoin, Kuwait 15, and a variety of stocks.

NextOption Pros & Disadvantages

• New traders education
• Free trading signals
• Professional customer service
• No US forex traders allowed



For a number of people this may not entirely be eligible as scam especially looking at the features but choosing to trade binary options should be a choice that an individual takes willingly, without having to be forced or coerced to go after it by overly eager sales people giving a call to or emailing us all of a sudden.

The unlawful exercise of NextOption scam ruins the great reputation of every broker. Data protection should be taken seriously because it is a basis of trust brokers have with the customers. Spamming people with undesired mail and calls is unlawful and not even close to a great practice in almost every business. This kind of conduct will be mentioned in our NextOption review is common with scam artists.

Best we could advise our readers is to ensure they sign up with only approved brokers as well as in order to obtain an effective binary options trading knowledge and sound data security without spam, they need to, for example, choose brokers that use Binary Options Robot, which is a trusted program. If you are looking to start trading binary options we are highly recommending you look at Binary Options Robot, which we trust 100%. The awesome element about it is that once you sign up you will be offered a list of legitimate binary options brokers to choose from.

Wishing you good trades.


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