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Trading in binary options is a valuable investment system where you not only get to learn but you can also make quite a tidy sum at the same time. But this can be possible only with the right trading tools, strategies and a passion for trading online. At present, the main problem confronting many investors is the fact that there aren’t that many reliable and secure trading platforms in the market. But don’t lose hope yet, as you can always hook up with the Option Robot, which is among the few reliable trading platforms in the binary options industry. You don’t need to be apprehensive about registering with this sophisticated trading robot.


Many traders do not know much about trading in binary options and do not know how to go about it. This is where the Option Robot comes in, by making the entire trading process much simpler for all investors. This trading platform offers signals that will guide investors, even those who are not familiar with trading and one of the major benefits with these signals is they will provide you with insight about how to take the first step. Because many traders find executing trades a tad difficult, this platform makes placing trades much easier too. Once you have made your first deposit to your designated broker, the Option Robot is immediately activated and you are able to begin trading using the robot to execute your trades. In this review, we dig deeper to understand what exactly the Option Robot is and how it will help you make money.



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Introduction to the Option Robot

After over two years of development, the Option Robot trading software was launched recently and is one of the newest players in the binary options market. This robot helps make trading easier thanks in great part to the auto-trading tools. Trading robots are basically applications which use sophisticated algorithms to execute trades automatically on behalf of investors. This trading platform uses software that offers traders the ability to conduct online binary options trading via its automated robot system. To execute trades, the inbuilt software will send signals and then place trades for you. In turn, the trades executed are linked automatically to the chosen broker’s account. The system’s algorithms were created to identify trading trends within the financial scene and when a trading opportunity appears, the system will quickly send an alert so investors can choose whether or not to trade on the given signal.

Additionally, traders may opt to either, set the Option Robot on auto pilot, so it executes trades on their behalf, or set it on manual trading, so they can use the signals to manually enter their own trades. And because the system is built to be accurate, it does not really matter what option a trader chooses since either way comes with impressive profits. This robot has been verified and approved, and even better, it provides new traders with the basic information they require in order to learn how to trade binary options. As an investor, you don’t need to pay a dime in order to use the Option Robot, it is offered for free. However, you can only use this trading platform after opening an account with any of the assigned brokers from a specified list. After selecting a broker, you make a deposit (minimum $250) to obtain login details and you can start trading immediately.


option robot main page

option robot main page

The Trading Platform

The Option Robot boasts a high return on investment [ROI] rate of up to 83% which is quite impressive. Its trading system helps to increase profit margins and users are offered three systems to work with:

  • The Classic System: This is classified as the safest and most secure system to trade in and is the best option for those traders who consider security their top priority. When using the Classic System, the Option Robot will place the same dollar amount for every trade placed.


  • The Martingale System: This is for those traders who are looking to make faster profits but with a small risk factor. When using the Martingale System, the Option Robot will increase the traded amount after a loss and return it to the original amount should you place a winning trade.


  • The Fibonacci System: This is for the type of trader who is looking for accurate signals where the size of the trade changes based on the traders’ win/loss sequences. When using the Fibonacci System, the Option Robot will increase the traded amount after a loss (in a Fibonacci sequence if repeated losses occur) and decrease it after a win


Traders have a level of control over their investment when they choose any of the three trading systems and they are also provided with six technical indicators that generate the trading signals. These indicators include CCI (Commodity Channel Index), Stochastic Oscillator, RSI (Relative Strength Index), MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), Trend and Williams indicators. Traders are allowed to choose from the various indicators to generate trading signals. Should a trader opt for two of these technical indicators, trading signals can be generated only after both indicators result in the same signal. There are three simple ways in which you can start trading in this platform. First you need to join, second, you need to deposit money into your broker account and lastly, as the Option Robot begins trading, you can sit back and watch your profits roll in.


option robot strategies

option robot strategies

Trading With The Option Robot

The Option Robot works through semi-automatic trading and complete autopilot. To trade on this platform, users must first sign up with a recommended broker, then make a minimum deposit of only $250 (which is basically the going rate in the binary options industry). Among the recommended brokers who work with this automated robot are EU-regulated brokers including Option Rally, GOptions, CherryTrade, Banc De Binary, Stock Pair, BMB Option and OptionWeb. Traders can expect an average return rate of up to 83%. Moreover, users who want to test the signals provided here are offered a free $1,000 demo account to use, before they invest real money. This system is completely web based, as it can be used on any type of personal computer and any type of mobile gadget, you don’t need to download or install any software.

The time expiries available here range from 60 seconds all the way to 60 minutes. While some expiries are only available from some of the brokers, short-term expiries are available with all the recommended brokers. When it comes to the trade amount, the minimum amount you can trade varies with your chosen broker but typically, you can trade for as low as $5. The number of currency pairs you can trade here is quite varied too and includes: USD/CAD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, EUR/USD and EUR/GBP.

The Option Robot software uses technical indicators including: CCI, Stochastic Oscillator, RSI, MACD, Trend and Williams alongside various strategies to generate signals, all of this helps you make great profits. The best strategy will depend on your balance, for example, should you deposit any amount between $250 and $1,000, the Classic System where you trade 5 or 30 minute expiries comes highly recommended. Here, the minimum trade amount is set at $20 per trade [you are allowed only one trade] and you can use MACD or RSI indicators. On the other hand, when you have a balance of $1,000 or more, the Fibonacci System where you trade the same expiries is best for you. Here, the minimum trade amount is set as between $25 and $50 per trade and you are allowed to place two to five trades simultaneously. And, should your balance hit $5,000 or more, the Martingale System is the best option. Here, you are allowed a minimum trade amount of up to $500 for every trade and you are also allowed to place three to eight trades simultaneously.


Registering With OptionRobot

Signing up is simple and quite fast. On the OptionRobot.com website, simply fill in a form and tick a few boxes. You will need to provide your personal information which includes, among others things, your full name, email address, phone number and account information details. Next you get to create your user name, add a password and your preferred transaction currency. There’s no identity verification required for the entire registration process and the next step is to simply fund your account and start trading. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to the official Option Robot site.
  2. Simply click on the “Open Free Account” tab.
  3. Select your preferred broker.
  4. Enter your full name, phone number, email address and select your password.
  5. Accept the rules and conditions provided.
  6. Click on “Signup”, log in and start trading right away.

The registration process takes no more than 10 minutes and as is common with any other trading platform, you must be over 18 years to legally operate a binary options trading account. You will also be required to deposit a minimum deposit of $250 with your preferred broker before you can begin trading.


Making Money On OptionRobot

Once you have followed those easy steps and are signed up with Option Robot you are ready to start making trades and money. When you have made a deposit and your trading account is activated, simply click on the “Start Auto Trading” tab. This robot is compatible with many types of operating systems for both computers and mobile devices which means there is no need to fret over what OS is in your preferred device. When it comes to your settings, you only need to key in:

  • the currency pairs to be traded,
  • the expiry times,
  • the amount per trade, and
  • the number of maximum trades you want the robot to execute.

Your selected trading system, from the three offered, only determines the amounts to trade while technical indicators are used to generate trading signals for you. These trading signals depend on your chosen expiry times and technical indicators. You’re able to place simple trades of similar dollar amounts with the Classic System while with the Martingale System, your traded amount will increase after a loss and returns to the original amount should you place a winning trade. Every currency pair is calculated individually on the Martingale sequence. When it comes to the Fibonacci System, your traded amount increases after a loss and decreases after a win. Here too, every currency pair is calculated individually.

You must select the right settings in order to start trading and as such, the six trading indicators can be adjusted easily in the settings tab. Should you opt for multiple indicators, ensure they mirror each other so that signals can be generated. If for example you choose RSI and MACD, the robot displays a “put” signal indicator in order to place a “put” trade. Should you be after a “call” option, your two signals must be designated as “call” signals and your settings should indicate so. Among the six technical indicators provided, MACD and RSI are the best and have the best signals. The minimum deposit amount allowed is set at $250 but always remember that if you deposit a higher amount, your chances of making bigger profits increases as well. You are allowed to make a withdrawal at any time and all you need to do is simply head to the cashier section, key in the amount you intend to withdraw then click the “Withdraw” option tab. The selected amount is then transferred to your designated account immediately. To use the Option Robot, you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of binary option trading.


option robot join now

option robot join now

OptionRobot Trading Results

The Option Robot is an automatic software platform which offers traders an opportunity to make money trading in binary options. As a trader, all you need to ensure is that you have defined the parameters the robot is to work within and it will place any trade you want on your behalf. This robot is active 24/7 and as such, traders can invest when and where is most convenient for them and still get impressive results. One unique facet of this robot is its ability to recognize the movement of binary options trades around the globe. This enables it to offer traders a range of various underlying assets across global markets to trade. Because it executes trades based on historical data that is inbuilt into its software algorithms, the Option Robot can help you execute trades on some commodities and assets you would otherwise not know about. Essentially, it offers a first-rate platform so you can trade binary options automatically. This simple system is quite efficient and in addition, you are able to access a wide array of assets from around the world.

How The Option Robot Works

Option Robot is an auto trading software whose trading platform utilizes sophisticated algorithms to search for market trends. This includes the movement and behavior of financial assets alongside minor fluctuations in the markets as well as a number of significant events that relate to the binary options trading scene. The robot then identifies any pattern and should it recognize that the same pattern is likely to be repeated in similar conditions, it immediately places a trade without any human input. Its inbuilt system identifies underlying assets and informs the trader which ones to select and invest in. Essentially, the robot uses software algorithms to generate signals using the same principles investment banks apply when they’re dealing with high frequency transactions. The advantages of using this auto-trading robot include;

  • The unique software platform is easy to use and quite helpful  for novice traders.
  • It allows traders to set predetermined parameters for the software to execute trades on their behalf.
  • It comes with user-friendly features which make it more convenient, especially for newbies.
  • It comes at no cost and requires no download.
  • It offers traders free access to trading strategies which makes it one of a kind.
  • Novice traders with no knowledge of financial markets can use it easily.



option robot compatible brokers

Brokers compatible with the Option Robot.

The Option Robot simplifies investing in the financial markets while allowing you to make money from the comfort of your couch. If you really want to make good profits trading binary options, take time, do a little research about this niche. If you want to become a successful investor familiarizing yourself with the world of binary options trading is a major advantage.

Special Features

You will find that the special features offered by the Option Robot make trading binary options simple, fun and quite profitable too. To begin with, it lets traders customize settings and set their own preferences. This allows you to be totally in control of the trading process. Additionally, you are able to set the amount you want to invest each day, the assets you want to trade, the maximum loss amount per day, along with many other aspects. There is also a risk level control feature which allows you to choose the risk level you are most comfortable with. For instance, novice traders can choose the minimum risk feature while expert traders can opt for the maximum risk feature when deciding on the investments they want to make.

The risk level control feature also allows a trader to control the daily amount invested, assets to be traded, amount lost, etc. Further, there is the reverse trading feature which gives traders the ability to trade contrary to the generated signals. Traders will find the reverse trading facility quite helpful especially where the generated signals are more likely to result in a loss meaning they prevent losses and can afford to keep making profits.


option robot trading indicators

Trading indicators from the Option Robot.

Technical Indicators

Traders are able to choose the technical indicators which influence the Option Robot trading system and generate signals. They are allowed to either select all indicators or de-activate the ones they don’t want. The six indicators used here are:

  1. RSI: Defined as the Relative Strength Index. With this indicator, the majority of traders sell when prices are too steep and when the prices become cheaper.
  2. Williams: This is referred to as a simplified RSI indicator. This indicator searches for oversold and/or undersold assets which it then attacks in short positions.
  3. Trend: This indicator examines overall market trends, just like its name implies. The auto robot determines whether to make a “put” or “call” action through the Trend Indicator.
  4. MACD: Defined as Moving Average Convergence Divergence, this indicator processes the difference between two moving averages by using their history so it can make a concise forecast. It is often used in conjunction with the Trend Indicator.
  5. Stoch: Also known as the Stochastic Oscillator, created by Dr. George Lane this indicator follows the momentum and speed of market conditions and executes trades solely based on those two factors.
  6. CCI: Defined as the Commodity Channel Index, this indicator bases trades on a given average over a period of time. It then uses that given average to measure the market’s trends.


Conclusion and Summary

There are a raft of binary options signals that are hyped up all over the internet, with quite a good number of them promising huge profits. The truth is, majority of them will not live up to their promises since they are simply scams, while others offer low performance which leads to an equally low winning ratio. And that is why investors are always advised to select their signals provider with the utmost care. But as you can see from this review, the Option Robot offers you the ability and power to set up this auto-trading system in the manner and style that you desire. With this robot, you have access to many choices about how you set up the system so it trades according to what you want. As there is a possibility of incurring a loss, just like there is with any other kind of investment, you should only ever invest an amount you can afford to lose. However, the Option Robot trading platform offers quite a viable and enviable alternative for traders who are looking to make money without putting too much effort and time into binary options trading. So, if you’re the kind of trader who prefers simplicity and convenience in your trading pursuits, the Option Robot is definitely a good fit for you and it certainly gets our vote of confidence.


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