Option Bot 2.0 Review

Every other day, we have new binary option robots coming into the market. The competition has widened and traders have a wider pool to select their preferred program. The profits that are believed to come from hosting or facilitating binary option trades have attracted many program developers in this field. The sad thing is that there are so many of them that were developed to make a lot of money to the developers at the expense of the uninformed but eager trader. This is why you will find good programs, copycat programs and downright scams.

As a trader, you need to be well informed about the binary options robots you are intending to trade with so as not to fall into a trap set up for you by a scammer. Here you will see exactly what Option Bot 2.0 is all about.

What Option Bot 2.0 is?

One Gary Davies is credited with the creation of this program. This robot is widely known due to their extensive advertising and website optimization. Their affiliates also do a good job in keeping the robot well exposed online.

Option Bot 2.0 is technically fully automated software; rather, it functions like a signal provider. This means that Option Bot 2.0 will provide you with signals and then you decide whether or not you want to trade or not. If you are looking for the fully automated robots where you just make a deposit and then it makes the trade for you, this is not it. Beginners will have a problem here as it is not clear what to trade and what to invest. It only favors professional traders who can easily decide whether a signal is ok or not.

Trading with Option Bot 2 software

  • Trading pairs: Option Bot 2.0 has come up with a fixed set of pairs within which they will provide signals for you to trade in. They claim that they make their signals on these trade based on a deep study of the currency markets, experience in forex trading and their comprehensive analysis of currencies and other indices credible indicators. When all the data from all these sources is collated, the robot generates a signal which is sent to traders who then decide whether to set as a call or a put. The signals here are simplistic in a way and traders will not have to seek additional information to influence their trading choices.
  • Use of multiple trading platforms: Option Bot 2.0 has made the effort to make the program all inclusive by developing it to be compatible with different brokers and multiple trading platforms. This program allows the traders signed up with them to make different trades with different brokers. This is in a bid to widen their reach and poach customers who are stuck with the preferred brokers without having the freedom to switch trades from one broker to another right within the same program. What professional traders do here is to make similar trades with different brokers to widen the scope of their profits.
  • Flexible user settings: Most binary options bots have standardized operating settings that oblige the trader to follow without him having the ability to tweak them. Option Bot 2.0 has come up with a program to enable to customize the settings to improve your trading experience. The disadvantage here is that there are no recommendations to inexperienced users on the settings that work and those that mat jeopardize their trading. It would have been better if they had several versions of tweaked settings to give directions as what is likely to work and what is not. This leaves the trader to his own devices and his trades could be compromised by the time he goes round trying several versions of customized settings.
  • Downloadable: This program does not need one to download it to his computer. All you need to do is access the platform and get on with the business of trading in binary options. The developer claims that it is perfectly suitable with any browser. This is to attract users with older computers or those that want to save their computer storage for other space consuming programs like games and online gambling. The downside here is that you will not be sure of the security of your account because the program may be a little outdated on security features if even older browsers and computers are compatible.
  • Financial information on demand: Option Bot 2.0 has enabled traders in its platform to see alive feed of market news and fluctuations in the indices and other indicators. This is ostensibly to help traders make informed trades. This looks good from far but such information scrolling on your screen will seldom make your immediate trade a winner or a loser. In fact, there are very few good decisions that you can make while you are restricted to a fixed time expiry of a trade.
  • Customer support: though the program advertises itself as leading in customer support, trader’s experiences point otherwise. It is claimed that there are live chats, telephone numbers and email support but that is not in most cases, quick enough if it has to be of use for an existing trade or the request for a quick action. Beginners especially will find this discomfiting while this situation will not boost the confidence of experienced traders either. Leaving a message on the live chat feature defeats the meaning of the word ‘live chat’ in the feature. The same goes for email responses which may take hours to be acted upon.
  • Trading insights videos: Option Bot 2.0 has made an effort at educating their traders on financial matters. This is by including trading insight videos for you to listen to. Even when updated every other day, some insights will not help you with past trades and future projections maybe overtaken by events long before they mature. The advice is to trust the signals for the immediate trades more than insights that maybe too late to affect the trades you have already made. Moreover, some of the advices given by instructors in the videos sound more like opinions as people have made decisions on them and still lost in trades influenced by their input.
  • Training: This program has training webinars for traders to learn about binary options. Unfortunately most of them sound like the canned videos churned out by binary bots that actually give out nothing new beyond what you already know if you are already trading in currency pairs. They give you a sense of caring for your instructional needs but you don’t really add more value to your trades from these webinars despite your investment in time.
  • Upgrade from the first Option Bot 1: Calling their program Option Bot 2.0, developers give the impression that what you have now is a much improved, updated or thoroughly reorganized program. The reality could not be much different. In fact, as a new trader at Option Bot 2.0 you cannot really believe there was an earlier version, and you are likely to conclude that the original version must have been quite pathetic. This is because there are not many features which other competitors in the market will not provide.
OptionBot 2.0

OptionBot 2.0 seems good at first glance, but there are better binary robots available, so I cannot recommend using it.


Like all the other common binary options robots, promises of making money and lots of it are not in short supply. The promises are incredulous and have very little chances of being achieved in normal binary options trading. Option Bot 2 promises that once you start trading, you will make a minimum of $781 in 20 minutes. Even professional and experienced traders will tell you that this is not possible. Think about making $781 every 20 minutes. It would be world news how they make millionaires in such short times. The realistic figure is a lot more modest if you make any at all.

Option Bit 2.0 claims that accuracy of their signals go as high as 90%. No trader has come forward of proof of such accuracy with this program. 90% is highly ambitious and you should take it not as factual and proven result but as an advertising gimmick to get you and other enthusiastic traders on board.

What traders have to say about Option Bot 2.0

The most common complaint was about the accuracy of the much hyped signals. It was apparent that most traders did not make any good profits when trading with this program. A good number of traders reported of trading streaks lasting over 100 trades and returning less than 50% accuracy. That is a run that is more than enough to realize that you could be losing money there. This situation calls for you to be really diligent when assessing binary option robots. A good thing is gauge the experiences of others who are already in the program and compare that to your own aspirations and the experience you hope to find in the robot you eventually choose to host your trading.

Customer support, or lack of it was another common complaint. Traders reported of a non-existent live chat feature. This is because your queries were rarely ever replied in time and actionable queries took ages, even hours to be acted upon. Trying their email support is giving yourself a test in patience and endurance. Emails went unanswered for hours and the responses not very much helpful. Their system favors very experienced traders who may not need much customer support.

Option bot 2 review

Security of your finances is something you could consider as well. Quite a good number of traders expressed their concerns that their investments could be on the line. This is because the use of older browsers to trade left a good number of them feeling exposed. The reasoning behind this is that there are some modern security features that are not compatible with older computers and by extension, the browsers that they run on. The same could be said of hacking and viruses firewalls that are advanced and capable of operating only on modern browsing software

The fact that Option Bot is not a fully automated software puts off a good number of traders who would prefer the robot doing all the trading on their behalf. For people who do not have enough time to be constantly online to trade in the binary options will feel disadvantaged by this program as thye will have to compromise their other duties to create time reviewing the signals.

Newbie traders are not very well taken care of here in terms of comprehensive trading. The account officers seconded to trader’s accounts are more interested in making you do more trades than help you with skills and knowledge to make those same trades. Their training webinars were reported to be shallow in fresh content and they were found to be rehashing what most other binary robots give as training.


If you are looking for big time profits from Option Bot 2.0, you will be greatly disappointed. This is because they don’t keep their promises of good returns. What other promises don’t they meet? Would you risk your investment to find out? Option Bot 2.0 does not really offer anything new than what is already in the market.

Their lack of good customer support and wanting security is another thing you should consider signing up. There is no need of trading while your mind is on the shaky nature of your program’s security features.

What you should do

What you need to do as an investor in binary options trading is to look for a good trading partner. This will be done when you sign-up with a robot like Binary Option Robot for all your trades. This is because the robot is run by experienced hands whose loyal customers have benefitted from their constantly remarkable profits and the fact that they shield their traders from unscrupulous brokers who have infiltrated the binary options market today.

Great customer support and easy and secure depositing, trading, and withdrawing your money is guaranteed. This is what you will find at Binary Option Robot. You are better off not putting your investments in a risky program when you can use it well where it has been proven to be reliable and professional.

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