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Options Click Review: The financial crisis that occurred in the wake of 2008 made people change the way they used to invest, and it played a significant role in the birth of binary options and binary option robot industry. Since that period binary options industry has gained popularity; today as I am writing this review, millions of people across the world are trading options to increase their income while others depend it as their primary income earner.  The growing number of investors who are flooding in this industry has triggered many companies to start offering their services so these masses of people can get accommodation. That being said, options click is among those companies introduced to help manage the vast number of traders in this industry.

Whenever we have a new broker traders want to know if the broker is the right one for them but then doing research and even testing the broker on their own becomes a bit costly, and that is where come in. Today am going to look about this Cypriot-based company and reach a conclusion whether it is worth investing on this site or is just a scam broker around. So to find more about this self-proclaimed firm I urge you to continue reading this honest review.

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Options Click Overview

Options Click came into existence in 2011; it is a property of Lead Capital Market Ltd a firm that is situated in Cyprus. Like other Cyprus-based binary options broker, the company is regulated by Cyprus Exchange Commission under the license number 227/14. It is also governed by EU the body that allows it to operate in all European-based countries. In addition to this two, the companies it is also regulated by other major regulatory organs in countries where it operates.  Within its short instinct in the industry, the company has achieved great things whereby it has managed to build a good reputation as an excellent broker around.

It is very easy to start your trading career with this broker since you are required to make a deposit of $100 which is a typically lower in the industry in addition to that, the trader can start executing trades from as little as $10. The only problem with this broker is that it doesn’t accept US based traders due to strict regulations set by its government or regulatory organs for that matter.

options click main page

options click main page

Options click features

The company has various features that are very attractive. Many traders find this company very helpful when it comes to trading options. The company uses top binary options platform provider known as Techfinacials, which is used by many top brokers such as 24poption. The user interface of this platform is designed in a manner that allows all traders to use it efficiently meaning it is user-friendly. The availability of assets filter options makes the work of an investor easy when selecting an asset that he/she wants. The site provides its users with the economic calendar on the home screen which allows traders to keep track of all upcoming events that might bring changes in the world of binary options regarding stock and price fluctuations.

For those busy traders who want a trading company that will let them trade while traveling or doing other things they consider important most, I have some good news. Now if you join options click you will have a chance of doing all this at once, thanks to the mobile application that allows all investors to trade will be they are on the go.

We have just looked at various features flashily now let us deal with these features into details. The company has many attractive features and if I say am going to discuss them it might take me the whole article. To reduce this work am going to focus on only major features that make this company stand out from others.


Assets are an important aspect of any binary options broker because are the ones that make traders join that particular broker. Options click have numerous assets that traders can select. Also, availability of many assets ensures that traders can access the ones that will get best of their investments.  Options click have over 100 assets that are classified into different categories. These classes include commodities 11, currency 32, market stock 45 and 22 indices.  With this number of assets, investors able to select the one with highest payout ratio and with high chances of winning. All assets traded on this platform are very popular among traders not only in this company but the entire platform.

Investors can use various options to trade these assets. Options click is the a firm that wants to give it all to its customers, and that is the main reason it has a lot of assets along with all main options so that investors can invest wisely and become successful. Options used in this site include one touch option, 60 seconds options, range options and classic High/Low options. With this broker, you are assured that you will never miss opportunities that will give you money for everything you need you will find in this broker.

options click

options click

Trading accounts

Now that we have looked at various assets and options on this website is time to put our focus on different accounts that are offered by options click. Like many binary options brokers, the company has designed various account categories to suit investor according to their skills and financial status.

Options click has three account levels, and these are standard gold and platinum account. To become a member of standard account, you are required to make a minimum deposit of $100. This value is relatively lower considering that many brokers demand an initial deposit of $250. The standard account is best suited to all investors who are beginners in the industry together with those without enough knowledge about the market. Standard account holders receive a payout percentage that is not less than 85%. Again this rate is exceptional bearing in mind that this is a standard account.

The next account level offered by options click is a gold account that requires an investor to make a minimum deposit of $2500. This account is more advanced than the standard one thus investors receive more benefits. Professional traders with their trading strategies are best suited to this account level. Members of this account level get to enjoy the maximum return of up to 87%. As I said, there are a lot of features associated with this broker that we cannot finish mentioning if we start mentioning them one by one.

The platinum trading account is the most advanced account level offered by options Click Company. To be part of this incredible account level, one needs to make at least an initial deposit of $5,000. This initial deposit must be made before you access all features of Platinum account.  This account level is best suited to all investors with a lot of money to invest and also veterans in this industry. In this account level, traders enjoy a huge payout of  89%. All account levels are good because they help traders feel appreciated, but for those who have enough money, it is wise not start from the bottom if they have a know-how about the industry. High account levels are associated with a lot of benefits, so it is advisable to start at the top.

Bonuses and payouts

The payout rate you will receive in this account is highly dependent on the account level you have. The higher the account level, the higher the payout rate. Nevertheless, payouts in this company range from 80-89%. For those traders who have expired out of money, they can still place trades with a payout rate of 15%. Today in the market this payout rate is very attractive and among those companies that are doing well.

Bonuses are other things that the firm prides it for. There are various gifts designed by this company that consists of individual loyalty services, insurance coverage, increased dividend payout, bonus payout among others.  The most notable bonuses found in this company is referral bonus. You can receive this kind of bonuses by refereeing your friends, family members and even collegians to this company. Unlike other binary options brokers, this company doesn’t offer welcome bonuses to its members.

Options click deposit and withdrawals

The banking system of this broker is all we care as binary options traders. A company that doesn’t support excellent, modern and easy to use banking system is likely to be ignored by many investors because investors will not be happy if they miss favorable trading opportunities because of banking system failure or difficulties in withdrawing.  Options click is aware of the fact and that is why they have a better trading system that supports multiple payment methods. Among the supported payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, skrill, discover, Neteller astroPay Web money, Cashu, Banklink EPS EUteller and MisterCash among other top payment methods you thinks of. Various currencies are supported by this broker to allow traders to deposit money using the currency used in their country. To be a member of this account level, one needs to have a minimum deposit of $100 and more.  All withdrawals are processed in a range of 1-4 business days. Members with high-level accounts enjoy withdrawals promptly.

options click trading academy

options click trading academy

Options click support information and security

As am writing this review, the website can be translated into various languages such as Arabic, Germany, Russian, French, English, and Italian. Customer care of options click is available thus can be accessed at any time of the day or night. The company has outlined various communication channels that can be used by traders to reach them. The company has provided emails, live chat and different numbers that investors can call and get the support they need. One thing I love about this customer support is there response manner. Whenever they are called, they respond promptly.

Now the most interesting part of this review is the security of customer’s information and money. Options click uses strong walls of SSL to protect customer’s data. The SSL encryption services are provided by the leading company in this industry by the name of Thawte. With this measures in place, you are rest assured that your personal information is well protected and kept.

Reputation of options click

Just like any binary options brokers, you will never miss a negative response from traders, and this is not because the company is not doing well but due to a misunderstanding between customers or misunderstanding of terms and conditions provided on the website. Also, another customer loses money against their expectations, and they end up giving the company a bad review. In options click report I did not find any serious review that will make use doubt the functionality of this broker. As I can see the company is highly focused on satisfying customer needs regarding services offered to traders and the type of care they receive. Another important this is the group is not associated with any scam allegations whatsoever hence it is a kind of company you can trust for all your needs in the binary options industry. The company offers huge payouts.

It should be remembered that this binary options broker is regulated in all nations that it operates in including the famous CySEC regulator. To sum up all this review I can only say in the short duration the company has been around, it has proved to be vital and committed in provides quality services to its traders.


In conclusion, options click is among new binary options brokers that are doing things in the right way. If the company can manage to maintain this, then you are assured that it will go all the way to be the main broker in the industry. As I reviewed this broker, I missed one thing that is very crucial as far as binary options industry is concerned, and this is a demo account. Without this account, new traders cannot know what binary options all about are. Due to this fact and others, I cannot honestly recommend the use of this broker. That being said, traders should use binary options that are established and regulated with a tremendous reputation in the industry.


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