PayDay FM Review

PayDay.FM is a binary options robot that has recently joined the market and they have big promises to traders who are looking for a trading platform where they will invest their money. What is PayDay.FM and what does it promise to do for you?

It is quite difficult to find the PayDay.FM homepage as it seems like it is not optimized for easy accessibility. As with all the new trading software in binary options today, the first thing you see when you open their page is a sales video. This is where you will find most of the information that the program wants you to know. For deeper information you will have to try out the system or look at what other players are saying about it.

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How does Pay Day FM work?

PayDay.FM is a trading platform for binary options trading. For them to make good their promises of big daily profits, they must be dependent on a good supply of winning signals all day long and on all trading sessions. To do this, they claim that all their signals are derived from a sophisticated collection of algorithms and a steady input of binary options professionals. This combination as they claim is what is behind the generation of such great signals.

Fully automated

PayDay.FM is a binary options robot. This means that it is fully automated. Traders here will not have to go through the hassle of digging the financial markets for information and trading reports to come up with signals. Rather, all the background work to generate the signals is done by their accurate system. To add to this, the system searches the markets for the most profitable trades and matches them with their signals. This is, as they say, what makes their system superior to the rest in the binary options markets.

The Sales video

The inevitable video claims that by just sparing five minutes from your busy schedule to sign in to this program will change your life financiallyin a way you never thought possible. These five minutes are what it will take you to open your account at PayDay.FM. This life changing account, the one that is life changing is supposed to be free of charge, and you need to have an account as soon as possible.

The first few minutes are of a narrator telling you why you need to watch his video and how you will be denying yourself the opportunity to change your life for the better by not watching it. If you can see and hear him say that, you are watching the video, right? Anyway, he goes on to say how this fantastic program has changed many people’s lives and there is no reason why you should not join them. The video goes on to show some screenshots of various trades and their results but you can’t tell from which trading platform these screenshots came from.

Account opening at PayDay.FM

With this software, the 5 minutes needed to join the system is factual. It is an easy process. What you need to do is open their homepage and the information capture form asking for your contact information. After this, you will be directed to another page where you will register your account with a broker of their choice. Here is where you will make your $500 initial deposit. With this done, your account opening process is complete. You will now be ready to make your way into the binary options marketplace.

Pay Day Fm Main Page

Pay Day Fm Main Page

What do you stand to benefit or gain from trading with PayDay.FM?

According to the promoters of this robot, you will get ahost of benefits that you will not get elsewhere. These benefits include:

  1. $150 per hour: The one thing that you notice first with the benefits that PayDay.FM has for you when you register with them is that you will be guaranteed a minimum of $150 for each hour of trading. This is the minimum which implies that that figure can only go higher and not lower. If you trade for about 6 hours each day, you will be in a position to make $900 in a trading day. Very good money here. The issue is that will the trading platform deliver on its promises?
  2. Free software: They will tell you that their software is free. What they do not tell you is that you need to make a minimum deposit of $500 to begin trading. While you will not pay for the account per se, you will be expected to part with your half grand for any business to take place. This is double what most trading platforms ask for a minimum deposit.
  3. No experience is necessary: This system does not need you to be experienced or trained for you to make big profits. In fact, once you make a deposit, the automated system will generate their signals, select the expiry times and execute the trades. All you will need to do is to make the deposit and thereafter keep tabs on your account to see how the profits will be flowing in.
  4. Great accuracy rate: When you start trading with this system, PayDay.FM promises you an accuracy rate of 93% on average. This is on the higher side when you compare with the other robots that are similar to this one. This rate if it can actually be attained will guarantee you quite a good return on investment. The onus will therefore be on the system to proveitself to traders.
  5. Customer support: The creators of this system say that you will be in touch with their customer support staff at all times of the day or night. This will not be dependent on which time zone you will be trading from. A good support system can make a good number of traders shift trading platforms to where they will have prompt and helpful response. PayDay.FM surely knows this and that is why they are promoting the effectiveness of their client support system so much.
  6. Trading assets:FM does not restrict you as a trader on which assets that you will want to trade with. Thisfreedom allows you to choose for yourself the assets that you want to trade with. You can select your assets from a wide pol of currency pairs, commodities, tocks and indices. This allows you to change your asset if you realize that one asset is unpredictable and you need another asset which is experiencing a god winning streak.
  7. Easy withdrawal methods: This program is trying to solve a problem that many traders have experienced with many new trading platforms. What they are assuring their traders is that withdrawals will no longer a problem. All withdrawals will be made ready after 3 days from the day the intention to withdraw the profits is made.
PayDayFM Slogan, that we might doubt.

PayDayFM Slogan, that we might doubt.

What does not add up with this software?

While this program promises so much, there are some aspects of their system that do not add up. These are:

  • Experienced traders, those that have been trading binary options for years will always tell you one thing; that attaining an 80% accuracy rate is a big achievement. This claim of making 93% in accuracy rates looks a little too far-fetched. Even programs that have been in operation for years in binary options trading have yet to get these high percentages. This is therefore not very accurate of them.
  • Testing their customer support system proves that they are still a work-in-progress in that department if there is one at all. Emails are unanswered and the live chat takes too long to load, and too long to be responded to. This makes a mockery of the term ‘live chat’. A program that is live and it cannot respond fast enough to its clients’ queries is questionable in its intentions.
  • With many platforms pegging their minimum deposits at $250. This one has theirs at $500. This is discouraging to beginners and traders with a low budget outlay for binary options. If they had pegged it at $300, it would have been a lot more attractive to beginners.
  • There are no training resources with this program. The fact that it is a binary options robot does not mean that traders should just sit back and wait for the system to generate profits. They want to know what goes on in the binary options industry.



PayDay.FM seems like a good binary option program for the future. Right now, it seems like it is trying too hard to gain clients even with deceptive promotions and assurances. It is more like a program under development or under testing. It has a ways to go before becoming fully-fledged binary options software.

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