Porter Finance Broker Review

With the binary options trading as we know it being about 10 years old today, Porter Finance is fairly young; they started trading in 2014 which is fairly recent. Porter Finance is a binary options brokerage firm with its head office at 1A, Arcade House, Temple Fortune, NW11 7TL London, United Kingdom.

Porter Finance is one of the fastest growing binary options brokers in the global market. Just a few years old, this broker has made great strides to establish a loyal clientele by their impressive return on investment as well as innovative products, customer support and the wide range of assets that you can trade with.

Traders from all over the world can trade with this broker except traders from Turkey. You can expect a great experience with this broker as they are really working hard to make a god impression especially when there are much older brokers to catch up with. Traders have hailed the trading environment as one of the most progressive in the world of binary options trading.

The Trading Platform

SpotOption is one of the leading and most popular trading platforms in the binary options marketplace. It is not a surprise then to learn that Porter Finance use SpotOption as their trading platform. SpotOption is characterized by innovative features, its effectiveness and its versatility. This trading platform has been developing in step with the evolving binary options marketplace all these years. Traders love a broker who uses this trading platform and they will not be disappointed with Porter Finance.

SpotOption is compatible with plenty of other software. This means that if you engage any of the main signal providers, you will seamlessly add them to your account and continue to trade smoothly on Porter Finance.

The payout

When traders are looking for a good broker to carry their trading accounts, the thing that is foremost in their minds is the payout. Will this broker give a good return on investment? After this is satisfied, they then move on to other characteristics. On the ROI, Porter Finance is doing well. With a maximum payout of 83%, traders will find good earnings here. When you open your trading account here, you can be assured of sustained profits coming from the impressive payout. Of course the overall profits that you earn will depend on your trading volumes and your risk level. All in all, the payout is one of the best in the binary options marketplace. Also, various traders have ranked this broker highly on fairness and integrity which means that Porter Finance have their operations in good order.

Different traders have different preferences when it comes to the amounts that they will be willing to stake for each individual trade. Porter finance has made it easy by having a minimum and a maximum amount for individual trades. This is $5 for the lowest and $2,500 for the highest. Traders will then asses their budgets and risk levels and stake their preferred amounts accordingly.


Porter Fincance Payout

Porter Fincance Payout Example

Account opening

Opening an account with Porter Finance is not complicated. It would be fair to say that it is actually very simple and straight-forward. Once you land on their website’s homepage, you will find spaces provided for filing in your contact information. These you will fill in and select the currency that you will prefer to be your trading and transactional currency. This can be USD, CAD, EUR, AUD or the GBP. Once you select this currency, you cannot change it. If you would like to trade in a different currency, you will have to open a different account which is OK anyway. You will then select the account you want to trade with and make the deposit to have your account ready for trading. The minimum deposit that Porter Finance accepts is only $250. This low figure keeps Porter Finance open to traders with different budget outplays to traders with deeper pockets.

Having your account at Porter Finance is free and you will not be required to pay any fees to the broker to pay for his holding of your trading account. You will not be charged for future upgrades and updates either.

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Types of accounts at Porter Finance

Different traders come to Porter Finance with different budgets for their binary options trading ventures. The broker has come up with different accounts to accommodate all the traders and their different expectations. The following are the accounts that you can trade with at Porter Finance.

  1. Starter Package: This account welcomes traders with a relatively low budget. Most of them will be beginners trying their hand at binary options or those testing the waters before making more substantial investments. Here, the initial investment will be $1,000. Here, you will receive a 20% trading bonus. You will also be provided market updates daily and weekly. You will also be provided with an eBook free of charge. This eBook is packed with information on binary options trading and how to go about it.
  2. Silver Account: Here the initial investment will be $5,000. There will be a 30% trading bonus, updates of the market daily and weekly, the eBook, one free trading strategy and trading academy membership. If you are a trader who has gained some experience and you want to expand your horizons in the binary options market, this is the account for you.
  3. Gold Account: The initial investment here is $10,000. The trading bonus rises to 45%. Apart from the eBook, trading academy membership and one trading strategy, you will also be provided with 5 webinars on making your experience with binary options a success, 3 risk free trades, fast withdrawals, an account management system and 3 dedicated sessions with a seasoned broker.
  4. Platinum: The initial investment here is $25,000. The trading bonus rises to 60%. In addition to the benefits that you receive from the Silver Account, you will also receive 10 webinars, six risk free trades, very fast withdrawals and an account management system.
  5. Diamond: The initial investment here is $50,000. The trading bonus rises to 80%. Other benefits sush as 10 risk free trades, Academy VIP membership, live webinars, dedicated broker and managed account and also money management system.
  6. ROYAL: The initial investment here is $100,000. This offers upto 50% insured account + bonus, academy VIP membership, personal coach and exotic vacation of your choice.
  7. The company account on which they ask you to contact a senior account manager for more information.
Porter Finance Accounts

Porter Finance Accounts



If you are looking for a broker with limitless bonuses, you will find one in Porter Finance. As a relatively young brokerage, they are obviously looking to expand their clientele exponentially. This could be the reason why their bonuses are so generous. Traders will be looking for free funds to trade with and a bonus here and there will generally be welcome. The most common are the automatic account opening bonuses that are pegged to the initial investment amounts. Like all other brokers and trading platforms, the bonuses come with certain conditions attached to them in most cases, and with Porter Finance in particular, you need to be a prolific trader to take advantage of the bonuses that you are being offered. With this broker, you have to trade about 30 times the amount of the joining bonus to withdraw its earnings. Apart from the signing in bonuses, you will also find other bonuses like the loyalty ones, topping up deposits bonuses and other seasonal or special occasion bonuses.


Assets and expiry periods

Traders like to have a variety of assets that they can choose from when they are trading. This is because each asset has its profitable days and others that are unpredictable. Porter Finance is one broker with whom traders will not lack an asset to trade with at any time. This is because there are over a hundred assets in this brokers stable. This means that you have the whole range to choose from in your trading sessions. These assets are in form of currency pairs, indices, commodities and prime stocks.

When it comes to the trading options, traders have a good pool to choose from too. The choice of option will largely depend on your experience and your risk tolerances. These options are:

  • High/Low options
  • Long Term options
  • One Touch options
  • Pair Options
  • Ladder Options
  • 60 second options

The expiry times are also many and with Porter Finance you can choose the expiry time that your trades will carry. These times are:

  • 30 seconds
  • 60 seconds
  • 5 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • End of Day
  • 30 days

Money transfer

Traders will only trade with brokers who have secure money transfer and banking policies. Porter Finance seems to have realized this and made good arrangements to have safe and secure transfer practices. For deposits and withdrawals, you can use either of the following methods: MasterCard, Diners Club, Moneybookers, iDeal, Amex, Cartebleue, Visa, Maestro, Skrill and bank wire transfers.

With Porter Finance, they have a set minimum withdrawal amount. For bank transfers, it is a minimum of $100, $30 for credit and debit cards and $30 for other methods including Skrill. The Porter Finance portal is encrypted with SSL to keep it safe and secure especially for information privacy. There are also several layers of firewalls to keep unwanted interference out of their software.

Porter Finance trade like a pro

Porter Finance trade like a pro

Customer Service

Unlike the days gone by when customer service was wanting with nearly all brokers, competition and professionalism has forced brokers to seriously rethink their customer support policies. Porter Finance entered the market when this was happening and they had to build their customer support services from scratch. From the look of things, it seems like they go it bang on point. With easy access to the customer support staff, you can use their phone contacts, email, fax, Skype and on live chat. They are knowledgeable and courteous and their response time is impressive as well.

Their customer support would be complete if they would retain support staff with more languages other than English.

US traders

Porter Finance operates globally. The only confirmed country where they cannot accept traders from is Turkey. Traders from the rest of the world including the United States can open their trading accounts here and trade freely. This is good news for US traders who in most cases have a smaller pool of binary options brokers, trading platforms and binary options robots.

Demo account

How do you find out if binary options is for you if you are a beginner? How do you find out if a particular broker meets your expectations before committing your entire investment? It is through a demo account. Porter Finance has this one too. Here, you can try your hand at binary options if you are a beginner before staking out real money. For experienced traders, the demo account is a good testing ground for your strategies. When you are satisfied that this demo account is working out just fine with you, you can go ahead and commit real money and earn real profits.

Compatibility with multiple devices

Porter Finance, being one of the newer kids on the block entered the marketplace when mobile devices were all the rage. This system is web based. This means that you do not need to download the software on your PC and get glued there to make your trades. All you need is a modern device that has a good internet signal and you are good to go. With porter Finance, you can trade from anywhere and at any time.

Learning resources

With Porter Finance, you do not have any reason not to advance yourself to be a great trader. You will have access to a wide variety of detailed leaning tools which when well used can help to enhance your career and make it very profitable. This applies to beginners, novices and experienced traders. From free webinars, eBooks, video manuals and the demo account, you will have access to great learning resources at any time.

Porter Finance Main Page

Porter Finance Trading Platforms Page


Porter finance score highly when it comes to the payouts, signals, bonuses, learning tools, safe money transfer practices and in the whole gamut of qualities that a top binary options broker should possess. Having a trading account here will help you become a good trader. Most of all, you will, as a trader, get one of the best ROI rates that the binary options business has to offer. Today, there are many traders making good profits from their trading accounts which are held by Porter Finance.