Quick Cash System Review

Investors are always looking for a good industry to invest in. they have found that in binary options and people who want to be traders in this market are joining every day. Also coming in are the many developers of software within which these traders will make their trades. With so programs on offer, all trying to sign in all the new traders as well as the older ones, there is need to examine them to find out which ones are the wheat and which ones are the chaff. One of the new programs is the Quick Cash System you will find out all about it in this article.

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What exactly is Quick Cash System all about?

Quick Cash System is a binary options trading robot which promises very high returns on your investments when you trade with them. It is very much like the other binary robots entering the market today. The only difference is that they promise 99.9% accuracy with their signals. This means that you will actually not have any trades that will lose you money; virtually all your trades will be winners.

It is fully automated; you do not need to do anything at all to make profits here. In fact, they tell you that all you need to do is open an account, register with a broker and sit back, or you go on and do what you do on normal days. When you come back later, you will check your account and literally see a miracle; so much money coming in.

The developers of this system claim that when you are signed up with them, and make a good deposit, you can make $1 million within a hundred days. How true is this? You will find out later in this article.

The introductory video

Of all the introductory videos you are going to see from binary option websites this year, Quick Cash System’s takes the prize for the best production. The first thing you see is a very attractive woman, looking healthy and relaxed in her being. She introduces herself as Sarah Markel. In the video, she tells us a story about how her ex-husband left her. It is not a sob story though because as he left her, he also left her with a system of trading binary options that has made her a very wealthy woman.

She then says such a great system which has been a secret all this time has to come out so that you and other people looking for money making systems in the binary options finally have a system that will make you more money than you have ever dreamt of.

quick cash system

Never trust promises like this!

As she tells her story, you will see around her a pair of beautiful children in big beautiful house in the suburbs which is tastefully furnished. You will also see big cars and all the trappings of somebody who is really doing well financially. This is the kind of life you should be living should you hook yourself up with this great system which is no longer a secret.

Sarah Merkel, who by now you will already be feeling envious for, will go on to tell you how her Quick Cash System makes predictions of 100% accuracy. This is unprecedented in the binary options market. You are likely to hear of accuracy percentages of between the high seventies to the lower nineties. Hers, she says, does not fail, not even one trade. This means that you will be on a perpetual winning streak.

She will tell in detail how the Quick Cash System will change your life financially and for good. She will challenge you to leave your taxing day job in the next 24 hours. After that, and with her fabulous system, in exactly 100 days, you should have made your first million in profits. Making this kind of money, you surely don’t need your day job. Do you really?

Apart from this information, you will have to sign in to know more about the system and what else it has for you. It is disappointing that the affable Sarah Markel does not elaborate more on how her system actually makes money. That, it seems, is for you to find out if you will not be satisfied with the $1 million in a 3 months or so.

Opening an account with the Quick Cash System

After the wonderful video starring Sarah Markel, you will see a button labeled ‘Show Me the Money’. This is the button that will take you to the next page. Here, the affable lady Sarah makes her second appearance where she will label all other binary option programs as scams. She says that you will definitely lose your money on those other programs and your only place where certainty of not only keeping your money but also multiplying it is at the Quick Cash System.

The people needed to join this wonderful system will be filled when 250 traders sign up. You are urged to rush and sign in so that you can be in this privileged number.

The page for ‘Members Only’

You will get your access to the ‘Members Only’ page when you open an account. The attractive lady is here again with more on how wonderful her system is and how it will benefit you. At last you will see what look like screen grabs or screenshots of a list of trades.

By now you will have registered with Titan Trade, the only broker with whom you can trade with at Quick Cash System. The minimum deposit with Sarah’s system is only $250. Once you have made your deposit, you will immediately be offered a 100% bonus; you deposit will be doubled and then you can start trading right away.

What does not add up here?

Plenty! There are a lot of issues that do not add up here. Some of them are:

  • The 99.9% accuracy, which is also said to be at 100% elsewhere in the program, is not true at all. This is because there is no system in binary options trading, or in any other trade for that matter that is ideal; one where you will never make losses. No trader will ever confess to never losing their trades. What they will tell you is that yes, they make profits, but with a lot more modest accuracy percentages.
  • A million dollars in a hundred days is being too ambitious even for a new binary options program. That actually implies that you will be making profits of $10,000 every day. That is simply not true. If it were, it would be world headlines in all financial news outlets and the headline item on the TV networks.
  • There only 250 traders needed to join this system. If you miss out on the 250, your chance of making a million dollars in a hundred days evaporates just like that. There is even a clock whose time is rapidly running out. The truth is, there is nothing like that as that number just does not reduce. Does it mean that Sarah Markel has not found takers for her $10,000 money minting system, or is it that the number of traders needed is limitless? Refresh the page and the clock resets itself.
  • Who is this broker known as Titan Trade? Is there a credible history of how he conducts his trade? Probably not; another thing that does not add up. If your system does not deal with respected brokers, you need to be careful.
  • With such a sophisticated program, you would expect that trading will be rapid and consistent; you need to make $1 million within 100 days, right? Most traders reported that trades are not that fast. You can sometimes wait for a long time before you see a trade happening. This is surely not the way to make the promoted money with Quick Cash System.
  • Once you start trading, you will find out that you are consistently being asked to but an eBook on binary options for $500! Take note that such eBooks are actually provided for free in other binary robots.

Recommended action

Leave the Quick Cash System alone.

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