Binary Stealth Review

Binary options trading have taken the financial markets by storm. All you need to trade is the trading software, an internet connection and a deposit. You will also need a broker. If you are doing it by yourself, you will need to be fully abreast of all the important happenings in the forex and commodity markets. Enter binary options robots.

What these robots have done is to eliminate the stress from binary options trading. They are automated to send signals for you to trade. Beginners and experienced traders all have an opportunity to make money without investing too much time studying the markets. The robots will do this for you.

The Binary Stealth Robot

Fairly new, this binary robot promotes its uniqueness by pitching to traders a 90% accuracy of its signals. This happens to be among the highest levels of accuracy promised by binary robots to date. Whether this is attainable is open to question. What you need to know now is what else they are promoting and why you should or should not invest your money with them.

One thing about this program is that you can have for absolutely free as a trader. The claim that this offer is limited seems farcical as it is apparent that there are always ‘limited number of spots’ since the software started being promoted. This allows you to make a detailed study of the robot before signing-up as it seems the ‘limited number of spots’ is limitless anyway.

Opening their website, you are confronted by a male voice promising heaven and lots of money just from signing up. This is not very much unlike what you hear from other robots in this field. What will disappoint you is that you will not hear anything you haven’t heard before from robot promotional videos. It does give a good demo all the same.

binary stealth review

Binary Stealth promises large earning, but there is no actual data to back up those promises

The software

The developers of the Binary Stealth robot claim that their program’s intention is to ‘help’ people. It is for this reason that it is supposed to free to any trader in binary options. What happens to such programs in most cases is that they are offered for free to gain traction in the market. Later when it has begun to gain popularity, a price is fixed.

One downside of this software is that not everyone in the world can use this Binary Stealth. Traders in the United States are excluded from trading with Binary Stealth and they are better off ignoring this website altogether and seeking their fortunes elsewhere.

You will be restricted to dealing with only two preferred brokers: Option.FM and Banc de Binary. This means that even if there is broker you have been dealing with and you have gained a certain level of trust in, you have to let him go so that you can start a new relationship with if you really feel the need to trade with the Binary Stealth program. There are a few traders with integrity in this market and you would be better off if you are able to select for yourself your preferred broker for your trades.

Binary Stealth has really tried to make it easy for their clients in terms of the ease of use of the program. There is even a news section where you can compare the current signals with the actual situation in the market. What Binary Stealth doesn’t tell you is that you need to be a very schooled and experienced financial expert to compare the two and agree or disagree with the current signals.  The program developers know this and it is used as a gimmick to validate their claims of 90% accuracy. Most clients will just follow the signals and trade anyway because they cannot make heads or tails of the relationship between the news and the signals. While you thought you were running away from the stresses of conventional binary options trading, you find yourself having to make analysis once again.

Like all binary options robots claim, Binary Stealth claim to have retained some of the best professionals in the forex trading field. They base their claims of 90% accuracy to the competence of these experts. To date, there is still no trader who has proof of this very high accuracy. In fact, most traders report significantly lower accuracy levels than this. This is further proof of deceptive promotions geared to having you on board as quickly as possible.

The promises

The introductory video, narrated by somebody calling himself Alex Crowell, probably the program developer gives lofty promises which are obviously exaggerated. The exaggeration extends to what he claims are his earnings which would make him very successful if they were true. He says that from this program, he is able to make profits riding to $3,000 in an hour. His pitch to you is that you can make money in the region of $150 hourly or $10,000 within the month. This is indeed more than most people make. If it were factual, his program would be saturated with clients and he would not be looking for more by now.

These kinds of claims are unfortunately, the norm these days, despite the well known facts about by people in the industry that average earnings are a lot more modest than that. Such claims are meant to grab your attention and get you to listen to the whole thing which is likely to make sense to you since it is craftily drafted and presented. The gist of this promotional video is to convince you that through the Binary Stealth Robot, your financial fortunes will change from the word go. This means that you should do something about it which includes abandoning your current binary options robots to join this one where great financial rewards are gained. The narrator is of the opinion that if you are in a poor financial situation, it is because you have not done anything about it. He ‘helpfully’ offers Binary Stealth Robot as your escape from such a situation.

Binary Stealth was created from the vast knowledge the narrator claims he has acquired all through the years from trading in multiple business models and collecting information from multiple sourced. It is with this wealth of information and experience that he claims he is able to give you the best signals ever to make you $150 an hour without breaking a sweat.

binary stealth scam

Trading platform does not look too bad, but I was unable to earn any money with it

Account opening

The account opening is quite a process. The first thing is to endure a 5 minute monologue from a promotional video which promises clearly unattainable promises of success in the binary options trades which you can only attain by acquiring the software. You will then have to fill out some forms and register with one of only two brokers approved by the developers. You can then start trading. It would have been better if the information on the trading was more detailed other than the demos which are quite questionable form the fact that the results promised are very skeptical.

The promotional video too it too patronizing and people who know what they are looking for will view it as cheap promotional aimed at gullible and ill-informed people keen on getting into the binary options trade without doing a good background check.


What traders say about Binary Stealth

The common complaint is that none of the traders experienced the 90% accuracy touted so much by the software developers. All the traders noted that the accuracy of the Binary Stealth signals were quite on the lower side of the promised levels. This indicates a level of dishonesty from the developers’ side. You will be left wondering about what else among all their big promises is deception; is it one or two other things, or is the whole thing a scam?

The limitation of trading with only two brokers is also another complaint. Traders want the freedom to choose from a wider pool or to move from one platform to another with their trustworthy brokers. When brokers are limited, you will be left to wonder if they are in cahoots with the developers to scam people off their investments.

The newsfeed on the members’ area could be up to date but sometimes there is no correlation with the signals being put forth. A good number of traders believe that it is a ploy to seem like the signals are directly as a result of the activities in the global market while it is clear that sometimes the rationale behind most signals is not clear at all.

Considering that Binary Stealth is new, it is not an earth moving program in terms of offering anything new to experienced traders. While rookie traders may not have anything to compare this program with, traders who have been there and done that claim that they do not find anything profound enough to declare the program any better that many of the new entrants in the binary robot market.

Traders had a difficult time getting support from the developers or the brokers. There were significant delays in answering queries related to trading. They expected responses like those in live chats were not forthcoming. This raised questions about the software’s level of investment when as concerns customer support and service.

Deceptive promotion

In many cases, promotional material comes with big promises. That being true and expected, Binary Stealth comes in with a new level of deceptive promotion. The video on their homepage is full of impossible promises even the most experienced traders find to be impossible. Add this to the fact that there is a constant reminder that there only a few limited places which have never been filled since the website went live and you come up with a program that is quite concerned about you signing up first and asking questions later when you are already trading with them.


There are a number of binary options automated systems that are good in delivery of profits, the quality of their signals and their customer support. Sadly, Binary Stealth is not one of them. You are free to choose the program that you will need to enable you to trade the binary option pairs, but you do so with this program at your own risk.

Even the best programs are not excellent, but reading some of what reviews have suggested, Binary Stealth is excellent. This could not be further from the truth. There are many reviews with scanty information about the operations of Binary Stealth but at the bottom you will find a highly glossed endorsement and an “Open Account’ button right after that. This is probably an affiliate trying to get clients for his commissions. These reviewers also have no comments or what they have is one or two that praise the program profusely. This raises questions about the authenticity of such reviews.

The chances of this system being a scam are there but what is definite is that Binary Stealth is a copycat program without too much to offer to binary options traders. In comparison to other respected robots such as Binary Option Robot, this program looks a little shallow in terms of development, content, design and opportunities to maximize your profits. You are better off keeping away from this one.

What you need to do

Your money should make you more money and less problems and stress. This is the reason why you should only engage approved, licensed and respected systems like the widely acclaimed Binary Option Robot whose reputation remains at the top. You will not expect less from a program that delivers what it promises, uses only respectable brokers and gives unequalled customer support in real time and all round the clock. Binary Option Robot is constantly working to improve the traders’ experience and improving on their signal accuracy every day.

Often, beginners have serious problems with untrustworthy robots and cases of people losing their entire investments within days of trading are very common. Binary Option Robot takes care of its new clients with respect and total support. New traders need not worry as the increasing number of experienced traders signing up for this program is testament enough that this is the program for today and for the future.

Final Conclusion: We can not recommend Binary Stealth, because we can not confirm if it is a scam or not, instead we recommend that you trade with binary option robot, which is 100% sure honest software. Get the robot for free by clicking the button below


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