Trade X Confidential – Scam Investigation Review

Do not even bother reading that junk email you have been sent by these scammers we urge you to read this review. We may just help you save some bucks by telling you exactly what this stupid robot is exactly. We are going to reveal so many reasons as to why we are convinced this software is very untrustworthy and so it is a scam.

This software was recently (in March 2016) launched by Paul Reed, the alleged owner. Paul is said to be tech start-ups investor. The fact that it is new in the market has triggered a couple of questions about whether it is a scam. We, therefore, took our time to evaluate it and our feedback is that the software is very suspicious. Even the whole team behind it is not to be trusted.

The mentioned developer of Trade X Confidential thinks everyone is just silly. The imaginary owner claims that he has been making up to $60,000 using the software and promises you the same. This is of course not only impossible but also outrageous, and it worries that this guy takes everyone else for granted. His claims that he has made over 245,000 dollars over a very short period will make you very pissed off knowing it’s all a lie.

According to the presentation video, the shameful Reed studied some programming course, and he decided to develop a thing that could generate for him a lot of money. That’s how he came up with the software which he says will soon start being sold to large institutions.

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Trade X Confidential Review

This software just has so much going on that does not make things better for it. It joins the category of the many fraudulent sites on the internet who lie about the date their websites were launched. So, our aim here is to reveal these details to the public.

One thing that stands out about Trade X Confidential is the glamour and splendour created around it. They sell a fake but interesting story of how this software makes use of prediction analysis to assess the newest apps in the market then discover the most suitable positions in the market which are most likely to give you winning trades. However, all these are just for marketing. The software does not perform all these. The fake software picks losing trades which in turn result to you losing your investment. This is its core objective, to make your money their money. You are not going to reach the 90 ITM ratio on winning as you are told. The only thing you can get out of Trade X Confidential is frustration which can even cause you depression.

Trade x confidential main page

Trade x confidential main page

How Trade X Confidential Works

It is claimed that the software does prediction analysis to figure out which start-ups have got the highest traffic to their websites before it goes public. The software is said to have only 50 spots left to be awarded to lucky individuals, and if you received the spam email, you are one of them. You should for that matter hurry and register before someone else fills up the spot. The pressure is, for lack of a proper term, cheap rip-off strategy coined in desperation. After all, every other known scam says this.



Why Trade X Confidential is a Fraud?

No Evidence of Results?

Despite being launched just recently (March 2016), the designers of the software have put fake trading results of February. The dates do not add up at all, and you cannot be able to verify the results too.

Phony Individuals Do Video Presentation

Trade X Confidential also uses fake actors to promote the software. For example, one Jimmy Chow happens to be one of those fake scammers. He alleges in his testimony that he makes six figures in just six weeks. This is not possible in binary options unless you are highly professional at binary options, and you must invest heavily too.

If you have ever been on our web page, you know that we are dedicated to exposing scams. So, when we tell you about this software using actors in the presentation videos we mean it. It is very common for designers of automatic robots who mean no good to hire people who do not even use their real identity to film themselves stating how great a robot is to influence people to start using it and lose money. The annoying thing is that these people do this for just a few dollars and ruin everything else in the market. If you keep a keen eye, you will be convinced that the video presenters are using a script. Just look at how unnatural their talk is. Check the eye movement and you will agree with me. Jimmy, for example, acts so silly, and it is evident he’s being directed on what to do.

For Paul Reed, we have discovered that he is not even real, yet he is said to the developer of this worrying software. He is also a fake actor. The guy has also done this crazy promotion in Fiverr, which is currently filled with a lot of false things. You will be left wondering which market exactly Paul is involved in, but for now, probably he has realized the financial market is lucrative. There’s always someone out there who is willing to invest the amount they are told if it means earning more money.

trade x confidential promo

trade x confidential promo

The Software Owner is Never Hidden

Remember that any genuine product must have a real founder. The identity of the founder is not something that is usually hidden. That’s why if you check their names on any reputable financial website or social network you will be able to gather their profile. The opposite happens with scams, and they conceal their identity to avoid being found and probably charged with criminal offences. The Trade X Confidential keeps details “confidential”.

Mixed Up Details

The information given is very mixed up and senseless. You will be told in the second video that to activate your membership status you must open an account with a predetermined broker. This is unusual for genuine providers. A person is usually given the opportunity to select the broker they want to trade with. Also, you are persuaded to deposit $2,000, and the broker will help you to diversify your trading. Then why is the software automated in the first place? It should be doing things automatically not seeking help from other people.

Mr. Reed says that the software has 100% winning rate. This is senseless because there is no system of the binary options that is 100% accurate in the entire market. This claim is an exaggeration and is a bait to unsuspecting people. Even though the trading robots will help you to trade, you are still in charge. The robot will only give you the best steps to take. Yes, you can win many times, but you will lose sometimes too. That is the reality. 100% success rate is just fake fantasy.

Go for Transparent Auto Trader Systems

After looking at all the above are you still doubting that you are about to lose money? The software is a perfect example of what you should expect of a scam. Look at how they are making an effort to have you sign up without giving you time to ask questions. Look at how they aim at mixing you up about which assets to trade. Also, look at the features of this system that is filled with lies, fake people, untrue reviews, dishonesty and flashy false quotes. They don’t do this in vain.

Despite the fact that Trade X Confidential has failed the legitimacy test, and you really wouldn’t want to work with it, it does not shut your dream to make some money with binary options. There still are genuine robots with adequate transparency all the way, and you can benefit from them. These are the systems you should work with for avoidance of being scammed because they are backed with concrete proof of whatever they claim all the way. In case you want to sign up with a signals provider, and there is no proof, please restrain yourself because you are heading towards a frustrating loss of funds.

Trade X Confidential Review Bottom Line

The software is a SCAM. It is virtually not realistic to be making up to $60,000 week in week out with any auto-trader system. In the rare chance that this is possible, not everybody can achieve the figures as you are lied to. Maybe the highest ranking expert trader can achieve this but only by trading in massive volumes which is also riskier. You cannot make such an amount by investing small amounts. Further, get it well that no binary options system will give you those figures because you will also not have 100% accuracy on winning trades. Every other trading robot, including the best in the market, have their bad days. Ignore the lies told by Paul Reed and you will have peace.

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