TradeKing Auto Trading Review

Since the trading in binary options began, 2015 is the year that will be remembered as one where trading platforms were being launched week after week. It is also the year that there was a mass interest from the public like has not been witnessed before. These two factors are good indicators that the binary options marketplace is expanding which is a good thing. The problem comes when some of these trading platforms being launched do not measure up to traders’ expectations. To find out which ones are credible and which ones are wanting, you have to review each and every one. Here is a deep review of the TradeKing Auto Trading system.

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TradeKing Auto Trading: What you need to know

TradeKing has been operational for some time in the assets trading. What is new is their auto-trading robot in the binary options market.While TradeKing has always had always generated signals for their clients for years now, the new TradeKing Auto Trading software will generate these signals and execute the actual trade for you. This is what automation will do. For traders who prefer the automated systems or beginners in the binary option business, the TradeKing Auto Trading system is one that you could consider.

Opening an account

Twenty minutes or less is all you need to open a trading account with the TradeKing Auto Trading software. This time will be considerably increased if you find it essential to go through all the T&Cs. One thing that TradeKing has done to ease your signing in and to enhance its security systems is to provide a virtual keyboard. You will fill in the required info in the data capture forms to open the account. This done, you will then register your trading account with a broker where you will post your initial deposit which is pegged at $500 as the minimum. Your account will then be ready to receive signals and execute trades.

TradeKing’s Investment Research and Learning Center

TradeKing has made elaborate efforts in their client education programs. This it has done by installing a learning center for their members as well as section for information on investment research. This is commendable considering the fact most binary robots do not lay much emphasis on training their clients. In actual fact, they promote their systems as not requiring you to have any training or experience in binary options. You can take advantage of the Learning Center to access information on binary options as well as other forms of binary options trading. This information will be in eBooks, webinars, blogs, articles, podcasts and others.

The Investment Research Center will have factual and real time information on a wide range of investment options in the assets markets, equity reports, forex trading charts and many more.



The benefits of TradeKing Auto Trading system

This system has tried very hard to incorporate the good features of traditional forex trading into its automated system for binary options. This is probably what makes it different from most of the other programs in the market today. Some of the benefits of trading with this software are:

  1. TradeKing has provided its traders with professional advisors. These people who are also experienced traders will advise on the best strategies in trading binary options with the automated system. You will be trained on how to formulate a strategy and how you can best use it to maximize your profits with the TradeKing system. Also, you will be advised on aspects of trading binary options like expiry times, signals, setting the individual trade’s maximum stakes and so on.
  2. Easy account opening is another benefit. Like it is mentioned earlier, twenty minutes are enough to open your account and to have it executing winning trades. At $500 as the minimum deposit, this seems like it is on the higher side; if all the services they provide are helpful, and they achieve the 80% accuracy rate that they promote, it could be worth it.
  3. TradeKing has adopted a ‘One Click’ trading policy. The purpose for this is to make the experience of the semi-automated system an easy one. Instead of going through a long drawn-out process before you make a single trade, TradeKing lets you execute a trade with one click on your mouse. Apart from saving you time, this will make your time at the TradeKing interface quite easy.
  4. Which other binary options software lets you customize your interface? Not many, but TradeKing makes it possible for you to customize your interface to what is best helpful, comfortable and effective to you. They do this by making it possible to open many micro-windows within the main one to track various trades and see you other options.
  5. TradeKing has been taking technological strides as the rest of the tech world. You no longer have to be stuck to your PC at home or at work to keep track of your account and make trades. You can do that from anywhere now that there are TradeKing Apps on all smart devices today. They are accessible through Android and Apple platforms.
  6. Having been in the field for some time, TradeKing has functional customer support structures to make sure that your trading is not held up by hitches or any other issues that may crop up when you are on their interface. Whether you prefer a live chat support, email or telephone support, TradeKing has multi-lingual support just for you.
  7. If you are looking for an advanced record keeping feature in binary options software, you will find it with TradeKing. They will provide monthly, quarterly and annual statements if you request for them. You will also receive tax documentation and activity reports on demand. This will be useful for future reviews of your trading patterns and strategies as well as for your own recordkeeping, even if you want them in PDF.
  8. Advanced trading features are provided here for traders in both the automated and semi-automated trading systems. While they are not free for everyone, they are useful and the system administrators claim that they are worth all you will have to pay as monthly subscription.

Is this the best software so far?

TradeKing Auto Trading has some of the most advanced features that you will see in binary options trading so far. That said, there are a few cons that show up when you want to trade with them. They include:

  • The system has many training and learning opportunities. The trouble is that all of these are tailored for experienced traders, especially those that are in transition from the traditional forex trading systems to the more modern binary options. For a beginner, the training resources will not be of much help as they need someone with some basic training or a vast experience already.
  • The minimum deposit of $500 is a little too high for beginners and low-risk traders. While there are additionalfeatures that other binary options systems will not offer, many beginners would like to start small and build from there. TradeKing is not so friendly or inviting to beginners and novices.
  • TradeKing looks like it is trying to bridge traditional forex trading with binary options. While this is a good thing, it doesn’t seem to be making much headway here because it is alienating the some people who do not have experience in the traditional way of trading forex. As a trader, whether you have experience in binary options or not, you risk joining an old boys club here which has little time for people not transiting form traditional forex trading to binary options.
  • You have to be logged in to trade even in the fully automated mode. Most people traders who want sign in to the automated trading platforms want their accounts to continue trading even when they are logged off. Isn’t this one of the purposes of automated training? What this means is that if you are logged in to your PC or laptop, you will have to leave them on for trading to take place. Even if you have configured all the settings you want for the day, a power outage means that you auto trading stops as well. The same is true when you are logged in on a mobile device. If you are in a place with poor or no internet signal, trading stops. This means that if you are travelling in remote areas where the signal is poor or nonexistent, you are done.


TradeKing is a great system for semi-manual trading but it seems like they have not completed their transition program. If you want to trade binary options with no hassles at the moment, you will want to give this system a miss for now. Maybe they will come good in future but you don’t want to wait for them; you need to make profits in the here and now.

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